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How to Know If You're Allergic to Lubricant

By Orin 5 months ago. Posted in Sexual Health
How to Know If You're Allergic to Lubricant

An allergic reaction during sex can be super frustrating and obviously a bedroom buzzkill. So it's important to identify what exactly is causing the reaction and what sort of reaction your experiencing. Firstly, remember that you can't be allergic to the experience of sex itself! A very depressing conclusion that some may jump to. Solving an allergy usually either involves finding a product with alternative ingredients or simply removing something from sex.

The other possibility is that pain or discomfort during sex could be the sign of a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or an annoying yeast infection. If you have a hunch that this could be the case, then visit your doctor right away to hopefully rule this out!


Even if you are only recognising very slight pain or a slight itching sensation, it's still worth investigating further. Many allergies will actually build up and become worse over time.

Pain or itching during protected sex

Although a latex allergy is the most common case, you could be allergic to a lubricant within a condom. This will usually be a reaction from a certain ingredient within a condom. Ask yourself whether you've used different condoms in the past that worked fine. It may prove difficult to pinpoint exactly what is causing the reaction without the help of a professional. Alternatively, during the meantime your best bet will be to try some non-latex, natural or water-based condoms.

If you've been covering your sex toy in a condom, then there's another possibility your allergy is coming from the sex toy. This will usually be from the plastic that surrounds older sex toys. Many sex toys now use premium grade silicone to ensure body safety. This material is further popular because it is so popular to use.

Burning sensation


Planning on burning some sexual midnight oil but you're literally feeling some unwanted burning with things. People may describe a burning sensation in many ways, but if the use of a condom or lubricant causes any itching, irritation, redness, strange tingling or swelling than stop using that product immediately and look for an alternative. Try to avoid lubricants containing glycerin and glycerol!

Additional sensation lubricants providing additional problems?

Many couples turn to additional sensation lubricant as a comfortable way of incorporating new sensations in the bedroom. However, the extra warming or cooling effects are only possible by including alcohol or glycol. If you've just incorporated a new lube into your life and are experiencing some unwanted tingling or pain, then either return to a standard lubricant. Other ways to spice things can be through trying some organic,vegan or flavoured lube!

Experiencing vaginal drought


So you've been applying lotions or lubricants to make things more wet, so it might seem strange the opposite is occuring. Always read the ingredients to avoid any unwanted irritation down there! Glycerin and alcohols are common culprits in producing vaginal dryness. Although there are plenty of other reasons you may be a bit dry down there, this may be a by product of a form of medication, a different health issue or maybe your partner just needs to up their foreplay game!

Your lubricant contains tree nuts

Lubricants are also created for those who are purchase conscious or prefer to keep things as natural as possible. This is referring to organic or vegan lubricant. Unfortunately these products have also meant new allergies have now been felt within the bedroom. The positive thing is that these allergies are rather common and you will probably know right away what the problem is from experiencing a previous reaction during eating. Common examples are either coconut or almond oil. Organic lubricants have plenty of variety, so look for one with other substitute ingredients.

That dairy allergy is even affecting your sex life...

Casein is a major ingredient in cheese and is lightly featured in some condoms and lubricants. This is an uncommon reaction, but is still worth considering. Most people who have a dairy allergy are very aware of dairy ingredients. So be cautious and check the ingredients of any condom or lubricant you're interested in.


If you investigate any of these tips and find that you are still experiencing any unwanted reactions, see a doctor as soon as possible. Seeing a doctor is basically recommended whether you are confident on solving the problem or not. This is the quickest method to returning back to a satisfying sex life!

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At least you're not this guy! Video sourced from Movieclips

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