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If the sound of exploring your pleasure zones and reaching new levels of ecstacy excite you then look no further for your sexual gratification than our range of sex toys that are the best in the market.

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Tease, excite and explore your pleasure zones and reach new levels of ecstasy, arousal and sexual gratification with the best range of sex toys on the market.

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Bullet Vibrator
PDX Fill Her Up Masturbator
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Basix 6 Inch Suction Cup Dildo
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OVO L1 Loveballs
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WEvibe Sync Couples Vibrator
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Royal Rabbit Vibrator Kit
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Orgasm Clit Vibrator sex toy
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Black Anal Beads
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Trinity Anal Trainer Set
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OVO E6 Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator
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2 Colours
78% Off
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Uberlube Luxury Lubricant 50ml
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WeVibe Sync Purple
21% Off
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Ombra Vibrating Wand
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Pleasure Bulletz Silver Bullet
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Duo Balls Silver Plastic Boxed
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Micro Butterfly Stimulator
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Finger Vibrator
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Sex toy Articles
Making the daily grind more pleasurable, one toy at a time! . Expand article.

The typical working week… Not exactly the most exciting thing to talk about, especially in the bedroom. Generally, bedsheets and spreadsheets aren't a great mix! Well this article hopes to put a pleasurable twist on the weekly grind through the gifts that keep on giving, sex toys! Here's 7 toys that suit your typical days of the week.


Known as the hardest, longest and most depressing day of the week. It's almost like describing a dildo without the depressing part. Monday is the return to reality; your body clock is all out of whack from the weekend. Your body may also be complaining about any form of substance abuse that you overly indulged in during the weekend, margheritas! Whatever the case, it's also one of those days where we are especially reluctant to return home at the end of the day. Lacklustre, stressed and tired, we crawl back under the sheets in dire need of inspiration. How about some external energy from a G-spot Vibrator? Orgasms are a great way of relieving stress and enhancing sleep. Therefore, an incredibly powerful g-spot orgasm from this Luv Touch is the raunchy refreshment to put you on track for the rest of the week.


You're back into the swing of things, things are productive and pleasurable. Tuesday is that sweet spot where you're not cursing the world like Monday, yet the quiet whisper of the weekend has not grabbed your attention just yet. Adult products are of course just as productive as Tuesday. Investing in yourself is invaluable, mental wellbeing, physical wellbeing, sexual wellbeing, they all interrelate!

Did you know that a penis acts as a natural shock absorber? The Mark O2 is a premium dildo that emphasises the naturalness of Tuesdays. Featuring dual density silicone, it provides the firmness, slight flexibility and shock absorbing comfort of the real thing!


Peering off into the distance, you see the faint light at the end of the tunnel signifying the weekend. Wednesday has mixed reviews, some people even claiming that Wednesday’s are worse than Monday. This is often depending on the perspective, are you excited that the weekend is nearing, or does that make focusing at work that much more difficult. If you're sitting on the more pessimistic side, anal toys may be your sensual saviour. Regain focus by blocking the end of the tunnel with a butt plug. This Limited-Edition Mini Luv Plug from Fetish Fantasy turns you into a beacon of backdoor pleasure. Becoming the light, yourself, you'll hopefully gain a fresh perspective for the week ahead and new forms of pleasure to enjoy in the future.


Thirsty Thursday! Things are heating up in the workplace. People are starting to discuss their plans for the weekend. They're similar to last weekend's plans, except they're in the future. Any way things are generally happier and more exciting. Yet we're not quite at the frisky release that is Friday. Don't celebrate too soon in or your energy will be deflated for the weekend. The Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit is a great way to prep for the perfect crescendo this weekend coming, pun intended.

See our entire range of sex toys for men here!


Goodness gracious we made it. Friday afternoon is the time period of absolute bliss. It's got the same wonderful freeing feeling of the weekend, except you are not technically using up the weekend time just yet. You've also probably dressed more casually for work, someone may even have put on some joyful music for the second half of the day. It's also the day when we are likely to treat ourselves to some takeout. Instead, treat yourself to one of the very best clitoral stimulators in the biz! The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is the perfect way to put the working week on the backburner and indulge in the arousing anticipation of Saturday. With 11 programs of pressure wave stimulation. Orgasms will come around faster than Monday.


Let the plans commence, sparkling with elation you wake up well rested, or hungover from Friday drinks in the reassurance you can recover in time for tonight! Saturday is where we pursue our passions, whether that be sporting, artistic, cultural or binge-watching Netflix. Hopefully you can turn a stray eye to chores, leave those work emails for Monday. Leave almost everything to Monday, it’s going to suck anyway. Today you catch up with family, friends and reconnect with romantic partners. Saturday is especially wonderful for those couples that enjoy missing out on things, you’ve put the afternoon aside to truly listen to each other, discussing personal problems, social issues and any other random nonsense that's strangely intimate.

Eventually all that talking and cuddling turns into a naughty night in and if you want to up your chances of the elusive shared orgasm, the We-vibe Sync is the orgasmic gap closer! Providing g-spot and clitoral stimulation during penetration, this is one of ATMS's most popular toys for couples.


Sunday can go two ways. Either you're going to be reasonably productive and prepare for the week ahead or the laziness levels are going to increase tenfold. You know those days where you sleep so much that you make yourself more tired. It's crazy but sleeping too much can seriously take it out of you. Therefore, you need a lazy toy that fits the Sunday vibe. Introducing the Ovo S4 Rechargeable Lay On! Simply lay down and enjoy 7 programs of powerful vibration. Alternatively, use the massager as a handheld anywhere on the body and let a relaxing Sunday afternoon whisk you away.


Communication is essential every sexual second of the week. If sharing a sex toy, always discuss its use before incorporating it into your sex life. This is fantastic body safe practice and further reaffirms trust and intimacy in a relationship.

Adultoymegastore is an adult shop that ensures customer privacy. All of our pleasurable products come with fast discreet delivery. All orders are shipped in plain packaging to ensure customer privacy throughout the entire delivery process. To learn more, read our shipping information page or contact our customer service team!

See Adulttoymegastore's range of sex toys online, including vibrators, dildos, cock rings, masturbators and more at a price guarantee.

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Sex Toys
No more peeing when you laugh, and having the vaginal wall equivalent of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his Mr. Olympia days? Sounds too good to be true.. Expand article.

We've all heard about pelvic floors and kegel exercises, and how exercising our pelvic floors is one of the more important things we can do for our vaginal health. A strong pelvic floor wards off urinary incontinence, and can aid in intensifying your orgasms. Even better is being able to get yourself off while doing it!

Recorded as early as 500 A.D. Japan, Ben Wa Balls were placed in the vagina and used to stimulate the penis during heterosexual intercourse. However, women soon cottoned on to the fact that these little balls felt pretty good, and they evolved into a sex toy similar to what we see today. Often used in pairs and tied with a string for easy removal, Ben Wa Balls could be solid, contain a smaller ball, or even house small chimes that make sound when moving inside the vagina.

Ben Wa Balls are held in place by engaging the pelvic floor muscles, which often happens by reflex after insertion. The balls massage the walls of the vagina as you reflexively tense and try to hold the balls in, resulting in a most desirable sensation. Medical practitioners found that in addition to providing stimulation, Ben Wa Balls also exercised the pelvic floor (AKA kegel) muscles which offset incontinence and aided in postpartum recovery. These pelvic floor muscles are the same ones that contract when orgasm occurs. Stronger kegel muscles can often lead to stronger orgasms!

So, no more peeing when you laugh, and having the vaginal wall equivalent of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his Mr. Olympia days? Sounds too good to be true.

Ben Wa Balls (AKA kegel balls) are versatile little toys. One can use lightly weighted balls when embarking on their kegel adventure to get a feel for how much weight they can hold up. Then, when those balls start to feel like nothing at all, they can be replaced with more weight, and so on.

Ben Wa Balls can be worn during foreplay, for a few hours, or even throughout the whole day. If you want to try wearing your balls for an entire day, make sure it's a weight you can handle. One wayward sneeze or a chuckle too far could send a Ben Wa Ball or two bouncing across the office floor.

The easiest way to 'wear' your balls is to apply a small amount of lube to the balls and gently guide them into the opening of the vagina. Some people find that it helps to put a foot up on the side of the bath, others prefer to insert the balls while lying down. Don't be afraid of trying different positions until you find one that works for you.Now, it may be tempting to slather these little pleasure orbs in lube prior to getting 'em up there, but remember that the easier they go in, the easier it is for them to fall out!

Today, Ben Wa Balls come in a range of materials, weights and sizes to suit the absolute beginner to a seasoned pro. Body-safe silicone, stainless steel, and borosilicate glass are all suitable and safe for insertion and contact with sensitive skin.

These balls don't have to be for strict solo fun either. Glass and metal balls are great for temperature play as the materials they are made of retain heat/cold well. Simply run the balls under warm water, or submerge in cold water to reach a new level of sensitivity during foreplay.

The type of stimulation you get will depend on the type of balls you use. Balls that contain a smaller ball inside them provide vibration when the wearer moves around. Lelo's Luna Beads are a common favourite when it comes to this type of ball. Metal and glass balls tend to be solid, and provide more of a massage-like stimulation against the vaginal walls. When the wearer lies still there isn't much stimulation from the balls. However, as soon as they walk around or exercise, the balls move and create rather pleasing sensations.

If you're feeling fancy, there are Coco De Mer’s Catherine Pleasure Balls, named after the passionate Catherine Howard. These balls come in a leather case and are made from a high-quality silicone. Lelo has also entered the luxury Ben Wa Ball game with their Luxe Luna Beads. Made from either gold or silver, these balls are definitely designed to satiate the boujee side of your desire.

Ben Wa Balls are so discreet that they can be worn almost anywhere and only you would know. Wear them while at work, while at the gym, even while you're doing chores around the house. You'll be exercising your pelvic floor and getting stuff done at the same time!

A common worry when it comes to using Ben Wa Balls is the fear of 'losing' them inside the vagina. Don't worry! A nifty little thing called the cervix is there to protect the womb from visitors that aren't of the sperm-y persuasion. If you lose track of the retrieval cord, or choose to use 'free-floating' balls, remain calm and bear down to push the balls into a position you can reach with your fingers. Some may find squatting a more convenient position when it comes to retrieving their Ben Wa Balls.

Adulttoymegastore is committed to providing a range of body safe sex toys online. Our customer service team is here to answer any questions you may have, and all of our orders are sent out in plain packaging to ensure discretion and privacy.

Ben Wa Balls are not suitable anal toys. They do not have an adequate flared base to prevent being lost in the rectum. Browse the range of sex toys on ATMS to find a toy that is safe for anal use!

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By 2 days ago
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Sex Toys
Got a taste for the finer things in life?. Expand article.

If you're one with an eye for the opulent, it is likely you've come across OVO Lifestyle Toys.OVO began in Germany back in 2012 with the intent to combine beauty and functionality in toys for everyone.

After establishing themselves as a major newcomer to the sex toy market, OVO moved into US ownership to expand their reach. OVO now boasts over 15 distinct patents for their innovations in the sex toy industry.

Engineered in Germany, the distinct elegance of OVO toys has become synonymous with luxury. All OVO toys are made from body safe silicone and come with a 15-year warranty. OVO has been repeatedly awarded or recognised by the Red Dot international design awards, which have historically been bestowed upon tech giants like Samsung and Google.

OVO Lay On Vibrators

Perfect for the lazy masturbators among us, the OVO Lay On vibrators are happy to do all the work while you lie back and enjoy the ride! These rechargeable vibrators can also be used to spice up your sex life with intimate massages or clitoral stimulation during intercourse. Don't be afraid to make a splash at bath time either! The waterproof design of these toys makes them perfect for a bit of underwater fun.

OVO Loveballs

Also known as kegel exercisers, OVO's Loveballs are designed to strengthen your pelvic floor and the power of your orgasms! The balls shake and shiver while you move, providing tantalizing stimulation and strengthening your muscles at the same time. These balls are discreet and perfect for wearing during the day. Maybe making office life a little more interesting?

OVO Pleasure Rings

OVO Pleasure Rings are designed with comfort in mind. These luxury powerhouses are engineered to be the perfect toy for couples with their intense vibrations and changeable programs. The vibrating cock ring also intensifies erections, making sure the fun can last as long as possible!

OVO Vibrators

OVO's wide range of vibrators makes sure there is something to suit everyone and every need! If you’re after clitoral stimulation, the OVO bullet vibrators are designed to provide intense orgasms that will make your toes curl. OVO have also perfected the remote vibrator. Use for solo play, or pass the remote to your lover for an orgasmic surprise.

Don't worry, OVO hasn't forgotten the G-spot! With a range of innovative designs, OVO's intimate vibes are designed to fit the curve of your body and hit all the right spots along the way.

With a variety of standard and mini vibes, OVO has kept all shapes and sizes in mind. All of OVO's vibrators are waterproof and come with different power levels for controlled intensity. Their sleek, compact design also makes them the perfect travel companion that you'll never want to leave without.

OVO Rabbit Vibrators

OVO has an extensive range of rabbit vibrations for dual stimulation ecstasy. Designed with the G-spot in mind, their rabbit vibrators are angled specifically to make the most of the wonders this magic area has to offer. Made with silky smooth body-safe silicone, these toys are gentle on sensitive skin.

If it's P-spot stimulation you're craving, OVO has you covered there too! OVO's first anal toy is their rechargeable butt plug. Curved and ridged to simulate motion, this toy is guaranteed to knock your socks off with it's dual-motor power! The OVO Rechargeable Anal Toy has a flared base and easy-to-reach buttons, so you can change it up whenever you need.

At Adulttoymegastore we strive to supply a wide range of sex toys for men, women and non-binary folks New Zealand and Australia wide. Our selection of adult toys are always delivered in plain packages for fast, discreet delivery. And our dedicated customer service team is here to help with any queries you may have about buying sex toys online.

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By 6 days ago
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Sex Toys
Sex Toy Videos

How to choose a sex toy

Sex toys can add more fun, excitement and fulfillment to your sex life, when using them during masturbation, foreplay or sex with a partner. Many people buy sex toys is to spice up self-love sessions, enhance foreplay, increase their libido, prolong sex, add excitement to sex or increase intimacy in a relationship, to aid sexual health, experiment with different sensations, and to open up the parameters of their sexual experiences and enjoyment. That's only a few of the many key reasons why sex toys are positive tools to use in your sex life!

Sex toys come in all shapes and sizes, and although they're all designed to enhance sexual pleasure, how that happens is completely up to you. Choose what body part you want to tease, please and excite, then choose the sex aid that will get the job done the best. Most sex toys are made from body-safe silicone, ABS plastic, glass, TPE rubber, and metal, and many have added vibrations and textures. Sex toys can be inserted into, or rubbed against, erogenous body parts for sexual pleasure and experimentation.

What are the best sex toys for women?

No woman's sex toy collection is complete without a vibrator, which should probably be the first toy you buy, but why stop there when there are so many other great sex toys for women that should be included in your wish list! From Dildos and G-spot sex toys to Ben Wa Balls and Pussy Pumps, there's something to tickle every woman's fancy… literally.

For clitoral stimulation we recommend Clitoral Vibrators or Bullet Vibrators. For internal vaginal or G-spot stimulation try a dildo, a classic vibrator, or a G-spot sex toy. For clitoral and vaginal stimulation at the same time, try a Rabbit Vibe.

To find out more about the most popular women's sex toys, read our Beginner's Guide to Sex Toys for Women.

What are the best sex toys for men?

For men looking to enhance their masturbation sessions, male masturbator sex toys should be your first choice. Male masturbators, also known as strokers, use flesh-like materials that feel just like a vagina, mouth or anus.

For male sex toys to enhance sex, cock rings, cock sleeves, penis extensions, penis pumps, p-spot anal toys, and anal vibrators are popular options. Check out our Beginner's Guide to Sex Toys for Men to find out more.

What are the best sex toys for couples?

Couples' sex toys include any sex aids you can use with a partner, which covers almost all sex toys, but some adult products are designed more specifically for coupled use. The best sex toys for couples are toys that tick all the right boxes for both you and your partner's sexual preferences, and what you're comfortable with trying in the bedroom. If you're wanting to explore your partner on a more intimate level by introducing sex toys to foreplay or sex, try cock rings, sex furniture, sex kits, couples vibrators or couples anal toys.

To find out more about the most popular couples' sex toys and what their intended purposes are, read our Beginner's Guide to Couples' Sex Toys.

Are you ready to buy a sex toy? Shop our range now!