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Feel sexy, sensual and stunning in the sexiest lingerie for women and men at affordable prices! We have all your favourite colours and styles, from romantic lace babydoll lingerie to intimate and racy corsets and costumes.



Feel sexy, sensual and stunning in the sexiest lingerie for women and men at affordable prices!

We have all your favourite colours and styles, from romantic lace babydoll lingerie to intimate and racy corsets and costumes.

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Lingerie Articles
Fake eyelashes first hit the market in 1882. While the newest beauty product had Paris buzzing with anticipation, there was a catch: the hair of the fake lashes needed to be sewn into the wearer's eyelids. Fastforward 136 years fake lashes are here to stay. Expand article.

It is 1882. Fake eyelashes have just hit the market.

The newest beauty product has Paris buzzing with anticipation. While news of the enhanced lashes make headlines in neighbouring countries, there is a catch: the hair of the fake lashes needs to be sewn into the eyelids of the wearer.

In fact, reporters such Henry Labouchere of the Truth is reported to have published headlines that read: "Parisians have found out how to make false eyelashes" and "Irresistible Eyes May Be Had by Transplanting the Hair.”

Given this is around the time women consumed arsenic to develop a rosy complexion and exude sexiness, and applied radioactive face cream to firm the skin and reduce pimples, it’s safe to say having hair sewn into your eyelids was potentially as graphic and painstaking as it sounds.

History stripped bare

Though the desire for long, lush lashes is a pursuit we have never shied away from in modern days, the presence of facial hair, especially eyelashes, has historically been a defining factor in what society considered to be both ‘beautiful’ and ‘moral’.

As discussed by Jennifer Wright at Racked, in medieval times, the health and length of your eyelashes was directly connected to chastity.

“In Ancient Rome, Pliny the Elder thought that they were a symbol not just of youth but also of chaste character, claiming that, "eyelashes fell out from excessive sex and so it was especially important for women to keep their eyelashes long to prove their chastity." – Jennifer Wright, Racked

By the 15th century, Wright reports that having hair was deemed an ‘erotic disposition’. So, people plucked their eyelashes out, and in most cases, tried to remove their eyebrows and heighten their hairline.

By 1889 women were readily having hair implanted into their eyelids. Cringe. Which brings us to 1911 when fake eyelashes (and their less invasive method of application) was officially patented by Anna Taylor.

From the early 1900s fake eyelashes came in and out of fashion almost every two decades.

Once their application became simpler, American film actresses were quick to add fake lashes to their beauty routine in the 1920s, before everyday women followed suit in the 1930s. After a slight lull, fake eyelashes returned with a bang in the 60s when it was reported more than 20 million pairs of fake eyelashes were sold every year during that decade.

Other than an iconic moment in fashion when supermodel Twiggy posed with eyelashes on her top and bottom lid, from the 1970s – late 1990s, women largely reverted back to natural lashes.

And now?

Since the mid-2000s false eyelashes have been used as a mainstream beauty product to subtly enhance the eye, adding length and volume to ‘open the eye’.

With celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Chrissy Teigen and Cardi B regularly donning fake lashes on both the red carpet and in everyday life, the high quality of products now available at an affordable price means you sometimes hardly notice the extra lushious lashes.

Then there is Lilly Ghalichi, the Texas-born entrepreneur who threw in her career as a litigator to dabble in fashion. And after finding a niche in the lash industry for a product that was glamourous and dramatic enough to stand out, but not goulish enough people would associate it with Halloween or a costume party, Lilly’s Lashes was born. Ignoring everyone who warned her that people preferred the ‘natural’ look, Lilly created 3D Lashes - a look that Glamour’s Deanna Pai reports was quickly loved by Kylie Jenner and Jennifer Lopez alike.

Just as history shows, more prominent, character-themed styles of fake lashes with embellished details and jewels still find their place among costume makeup and party looks.

ATMS stocks a range of fake lashes as part of its collection of lingerie accessories. You can view the full range of lashes here. As well as some of ATMS’s best sellers:

Affordable and perfect for a night out, the Natural Look Premium Eyelashes by Baci Lingerie come as a set of individual black lashes that are small and fine in texture, while the Natural Look Deluxe Eyelashes are slightly thicker in texture.

Both come with an adhesive for easy application.

Made from soft, hand-worked premium feathers, Baci Lingerie’s Glamour Feather Eyelashes are partly curved to draw attention to the length and elegance of the eyelashes while the Magic Colours Feathered Lashes feature purple and pink feathers, perfect for adding a decorative flair to the wearers eyeline.

The Starlight Edition Rhinestone Eyelashes are medium-length black lashes with sparkling, crystal stones evenly placed along the lid, accentuating the delicate nature of the lashes and their softly curved shape.

The Starlight Edition includes a range of colours including sparkling pink, blue and green and red and white.

Remember, if fake eyelashes use glue as an adhesive rather than tape, always read the ingredients and be aware of any allergens. If your eye become irritated when wearing fake eyelashes, you should remove them and seek medical advice if need be.

Read more:

Sources:Beauty P.I: The Fascinating Origin Of The False Lash – Makeup.com True History Of False Eyelashes – Racked Terrifying Beauty Practices From History – Mental Floss

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Very few items of lingerie boast a history as scandal-ridden as the g-string. Though oddly enough, the g-string is actually one of the more subtle items designed by Rudi Gernreich, an Austrian-born man whose legacy has defined modern lingerie.. Expand article.

Very few items of lingerie boast a history as scandal-ridden as the g-string. From being the go-to costume piece for New York’s infamous showgirls who were ordered to ‘cover up’ by the city’s mayor in 1939, to being the accessory that ignited one of the most polarizing presidential indiscretions of the 90s – the g-string has long been at the cornerstone of popular culture.

Despite statistics that show sales of the g-string have declined among the younger millennial market, it remains one of the staple lingerie items in wardrobes across the world.

When you consider clothing resembling the G-string date back as far as 42,000 BC, it’s journey to mainstream shopfronts is as diverse as the iterations of its style, cut and fashion.

Rudi Gernreish – using design to advance sexual freedom

But all that pales in comparison to the life of Rudi Gernreish, the Austrian-born American fashion designer who patented the design of the g-string/thong in 1979.

The patent application came five years after Rudi designed the first g-string bikini, which was famously modelled by Lisa Taylor and Jerry Hall on a beach.

Models Lisa Taylor and Jerry Hall photographed in 1975 Helmut Newton/Condé Nast ArchivesImage via:

The Fashion Evolution

Rudi initially learnt about textiles from his aunt who owned a dress shop, and spent much of his childhood in Australia developing a love for Austrian and Venetian fashion while learning to sketch.

In 1938, following the German Anschluss, Rudi, aged 16, arrived in Los Angeles with his mother as a Jewish refugee.

After taking a job at the morgue of Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, where he washed the bodies in preparation for an autopsy, Rudi returned to his love of fashion in 1942 when he joined Lester Horton’s dance company as both a dancer and designer.

Over the next decade Rudi worked with a range of design houses and companies from New York to Los Angeles, honing his skills and awaiting his break in the fashion industry.

Along the way, Rudi garnered a reputation for his ability to use clothes as a means of expression and social commentary. His designs served to inspire and empower the wearer, rather than feed into the sexualization of the human body or further stigmatise women’s bodies.

While his career is regarded by many as ‘unconventional’, Rudi’s work paved the way for modern lingerie that incorporated comfort rather than fashion. This most notably included his vision for transforming women’s swimwear, as reviewed by Sports Illustrated in their December 1962 edition:

"He has turned the dancer's leotard into a swimsuit that frees the body. In the process, he has ripped out the boning and wiring that made American swimsuits seagoing corsets"

As well as being the designer of the g-string, his fashion accolades include being the first designer to use cutouts, vinyl and plastic in clothing.

Throughout the 50s and 60s he paved the way for the design of unisex clothes by showing how his designs could be worn by both males and females, before designing a swimsuit without a built-in bra to give women greater freedom and comfort when swimming.

Rudi’s foray into swimsuits saw him develop the monokini – the first women’s topless swimsuit that featured a fitted bottom and two thin straps that joined around the neck. While only 300 of the controversial monokinis were sold, and reportedly only two were worn in public, they are said to be the driving force behind the rise of topless nightclubs during the late 1960s in the United States.

His passion for celebrating the natural female form gained greater precedence in 1964 when he designed the ‘No Bra’, made from soft, sheer material that allowed breasts to be held in their natural shape, rather than be molded by underwire and stiff material. The success of the No Bra was followed by the No-Side Bra, No Back Bra and No Front far, made with deep, plunging sides, backs and fronts respectively to cater for dresses that were backless or had deep armholes and low necklines.

And perhaps most bizarre of all Rudi’s designs was the ‘pubkini’ – a bikini bottom with a window at the front that revealed the wearer’s public hair.

Food with a fashionable twist

Moving on from textiles, Rudi spent the later years of his life creating gourmet soups, including one recipe for a red-pepper soup where the cold soup was served inside the red-pepper cases.

Not bad for a fella who, to this day, is recognized by TIME Magazine as one of the ALL-TIME 100 Fashion Icons and has been honoured for his contribution to the fashion industry with a plaque along Seventh Avenue in New York.

If you’re feeling inspired by Rudi’s creativity to add to your lingerie collection, ATMS stocks a range of male and female g-strings and lingerie sets, that you can view here.

They include ATMS’s best selling items:


The one size fits all Sheer Delight Crotchless G-String features a ruffled lace waistband, sexy thong back, and revealing crotchless cutout with pearls; while the Amore Lacy Pearl Thong simplifies the design, but increases the pleasure with a row of smooth, erotic pearls that press against the clitoris and labia with every movement.

Channel a touch of elegance with the Skimpy Tranca Thong. Made from stunning soft lace with diamante detail, this g-string is the perfect addition to a wedding lingerie ensemble, or for a special occasion. Mixing romance with sultry seduction, the pink g-string, made from filigree lace, is perfect for those looking to show off their femininity. The low-cut design accentuates the hips and compliments the female figure.

Those looking to combine sex with confidence should look no further than Baci Lingerie’s lace strappy bra with crotchless g-string and two-piece lace babydoll set with g-string. The name ‘Baci’ itself is derived from the Italian word ‘kisses’ and as a brand, Baci prides itself on celebrating women. Its matching monochrome lingerie set is eye catching, and perfect for those looking to add a subtle detail to their outfit, thanks to the contrasting straps; while the sheer floral babydoll set features a seductive cut-out design that flatters the figure.


Remember to check the size chart as sizes and cuts may vary between brands and styles of lingerie.

Read more:

Sources:A Brief (and NSFW!) History of the Thong: Surprisingly Unisex History Of The Thong: Gerneich - For Men - A Brief History -

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No hen's party is complete without a pair of edible undies made from candy. But edible undies haven't always been so sweet! In fact, the 1st piece of edible lingerie was made of licorice-flavoured film that was traditionally used to wrap turkeys! Read more. Expand article.

The best ideas are often shared by friends over a bottle wine after a long week at the office. By all accounts, that reportedly isn’t too far from how David Sanderson and Lee Brady coined the idea of creating edible lingerie in 1975.

The first piece of edible underwear was licorice-flavoured and made from an edible film that was technically used to wrap frozen turkeys.

While the idea of underwear being edible was so far-fetched in the 70s that even the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office are said to have initially denied the application to patent the idea, once the concept was given the go ahead, ‘Candypants’ quickly took the market by storm.

Within weeks of launching the world’s first edible undies, hundreds of thousands of pairs were being manufactured from Sanderson and Brady’s base in Illinois.

By 1976, around $150,000 worth of Candypants were being sold every month.

The product's popularity continued to soar and in 1989 People magazine listed edible underwear as one of the most defining aspects of pop culture.

When exploring the history of edible underwear on KCRW Good Food, Gideon Brewer quotes Sanderson and Brady as saying that they never expected the undies to actually be worn, or eaten.

“We approached it as conceptual art and as a sexual parody,” says Sanderson. “It ended up being this gargantuan behemoth,” adds Brady. “It kind of got out of control.”

Out of control or not, edible underwear has long been considered by many as a “naughty innocence”. While many iterations of edible underwear have hit the selves over the past few decades, the most common modern-day style tends to be made from strings of candy, woven together in various shapes to form novelty wear.

Whether you’re looking for some fun items to spice up a bachelorette or hens party, or a little something cheeky for a laugh in the bedroom, ATMS has a range of edible lingerie, perfect for every occasion.

For HerSold individually, but paired perfectly as a set, the CANDY Bra and G-String are made from pastel-coloured sweets, intricately laced together to form a figure-hugging delicacy.

“Delicious, exciting and fun. Added a bit of extra spice to the bedroom. Went down tasty like a treat!” – Sam’s review of the CANDY G-String

For HimMost similar to the original edible undies, the Edible Gummy Undies are a delicious and delightfully scented candy undies that are both comfortable for the wearer, and sweet for their partner.

“Looks appealing on and tastes just as good not too sweet :)” - Tiffany’s review of the Male Edible Gummy Undies

One of our bestselling pieces of edible underwear, the CANDY Posing Pouch lives up to its name as being sweet and sexy. With subtle packaging, it can discreetly be stored in underwear draws or tucked away until wearing!

Dubbed as ‘the most fun with candy available on this planet’, CANDY love rings are the perfect way to break the ice or introduce some fun into the bedroom. The rings come as a pack of three.

To read more about the history of edible underwear visit:

If edible underwear isn’t your style, we have a range of fun accessories to satisfy your sweet tooth both in the bedroom and beyond!

Accessories…Ready to make a statement? The Rainbow Cock Candy Necklace is stretchy, easy to wear and sure to catch the eye of passersby! It’s fun exotic colours make it the perfect novelty for a party or hen’s night.

Nipple pasties have been an erotic fixture on the lingerie scene for decades. But edible body pasties have given the once burlesque-inspired accessories a novel twist. The mouth-watering nipple treats come in an array of shapes and flavours including the ‘Beers-n-Boobs’ which claim to “combine man’s greatest loves in life” and sweet cherry.

In the bedroom…Infused with aphrodisiac and pheromone, the Dona Strawberry Souffle Body Paint is the perfect foreplay toy to set a relaxing and intimate mood. Made with a decadent flavour, that is paired with an enticing aroma, the body paint’s high-quality texture makes it ideal for creating erotic art with your partner.

“Both my partner and I love using this on each other and recommend to anyone looking for hot sex!” – Maxwell’s review of the Dona Strawberry Souffle Body Paint

Meanwhile the Chocolate Fantasy Body Topping comes in a pack of four flavours and is perfect for sweet tooths who are keen to enjoy some whipped fudgy lovin’. The flavours include almond, strawberry, raspberry and café mocha.

In the kitchen…Big Balls with Steamy Sauce, anyone? We’re not kidding, you receive the recipe for big balls with steamy sauce with your packet of penis pasta! Like the MacAweenie & Cheese, it tastes just like regular pasta! Perfect to serve up to friends and see if they notice the shape!

Sweet treats…From All Day Sucker Lollipops to the Pussy Licker Pussy Pop, these sweet treats are the perfect addition to the lollie stand at a bachelorette or hen’s night parties.

Made with a sweet strawberry flavour, the impressively sized Blow Job Practice Willie is just that. The heavily-detailed free-standing lollie gives eager participants the opportunity to practice their blow job skills, while enjoying a sweet treat.

On a smaller scale, the Pecker Pacifier is the perfect novel gift among girlfriends. How many licks will it take to shrink your pecker pop?

“I was in charge of planning the hen’s night goodie bags. I found this site and thought the candy pecker pacifier was a great idea- and it definitely was. It was a great bag filler and all the hens loved it!” – B’s review of the Pecker Pacifier.

Read more:

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How to buy lingerie online

Buy sexy lingerie! Slip into something sensual, sassy and irresistible from our extensive range of all styles, colours and sizes, featuring popular lingerie fabrics including lace, cotton, silk and so much more...

What is lingerie?

Lingerie is the sexiest clothing you can wear! It's a type of intimate clothing that includes underwear, sleepwear and lightweight robes. Lingerie is usually worn by women, and is often sexual, alluring and fashionable in nature, and is not designed to be work in public, as is usually worn in the bedroom or under clothing. Lingerie can make the wearer feel sexy, empowered and confident, and is comes in all different sizes and styles, from extra small to plus sized, to suit every body shape and curve.

How do I choose the right sized lingerie?

Buying lingerie online isn't always easy because you can't try the lingerie on first before purchasing. We all know sizing can vary, some smalls may fit like an extra-small, or mediums may fit like a large. This is why it's important to check the size guide at the bottom of the product page to see the individual product's exact measurements. You can easily measure yourself from home using a tape measure, which will help you ensure you're ordering the perfect size.

What are the different lingerie styles available?

Lingerie styles and types vary greatly and the lingerie style you choose should be determined by your body shape and what you feel sexiest in.

How do I choose a lingerie style?

Choose a lingerie style that suits your body shape the best, accentuates the body parts you love, and conceals the body parts you love least. It's about finding a lingerie style that fits you perfectly, whether you're a small or a plus size, and makes you feel like an absolute Queen!

Are you a bra and panties type of girl? Do you prefer lace, racy red, or perhaps you love to dress up in leather and latex? Whatever your lingerie fetish is, we have you covered.

What lingerie styles will hide my stomach?

If you're self-conscious about your stomach, there are a few lingerie styles which can help you to feel sexy in your own skin by drawing the attention to other areas of your body and downplaying the tummy area. Lingerie styles which will help to conceal the tummy area include Babydolls, bodystockings, chemises, corsets, and teddies. All these lingerie styles help to cover up the stomach area and accentuate other areas of the body, to give you the body-confidence you desire.

What is the best lingerie for plus-sized women?

If you're a particularly curvaceous and voluptuous woman, chances are you'll need a plus sized lingerie style. Plus size is for women who wear clothing size 14 or larger. The lingerie product will state whether it is plus-sized or not, and the product description will also contain a size guide so you can work out your perfect size based on your measurements. If you're ever unsure if a lingerie set will fit, just ask us as we're here to help!