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From small dildos for beginners, to large dildos, strap-ons and double dildos – there's something to fit your every erogenous orifice and provide you with fulfilling internal stimulation whenever you want it.



Penetrate, ride and fulfil your sexual fantasies with a dildo!

From small dildos for beginners, to large dildos, strap-ons and double dildos – there’s a dong available to fit every erogenous orifice and provide fulfilling internal stimulation whenever you want it.


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BASIX SLIM 7 Inch Suction Cup Dildo
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Dildo Articles
They stand proud in Hamilton! . Expand article.

Our recent Kiwi Sex Survey revealed many interesting things about the cities of New Zealand. Hawkes Bay citizens are sneaking their way into the Mile-High club, Palmerston North residents are the most likely to have sex in the car and Hamilton was revealed to be the city with the most dildos!

Hamilton is a glorious city, known as the home of middle earth (Lord of the Rings), packed with adventure! Citizens can go sailing, hiking, skiing, even stargazing. However, a new attraction has erected itself amongst the appeals. It's the place where the most people who own dildos can be found. Who knows what happens behind the circular doors of Hobbiton, perfect doors for a suction cup dildo don't you think? Out of all the things your hometown could be known for, this statistic is one that'll stand proudly, literally!

8 dildos for horny Hamiltonians!

Without further ado, here's 8 dildos perfect for Hamiltonians.

Dual Density Dildos

Dual density toys are sought after for giving the most realistic experience possible. Dual density dongs are made from silicone, thermoplastic rubber (TPR) or thermoplastic elastomer. The design of these toys is premium as they mix flexibility with firmness. The inner density of the dong is firm which keeps the dong firm, while the outer density is spongy and soft, making insertion comfortable. The other reason dual density dongs are recommended is because they are so hygienic. Covered in ultra-premium silicone, these dongs can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Silicone is also non-porous whilst TPR and many other materials are porous. Non-porous means that bacteria cannot harbour within the material of the toy after cleaning. Making dual density toys some of the most body safe options as well!

If your desires sit amongst dual density, look no further than the Tantus range. To figure out which toys are dual density, their name is followed by "O2." Take the Mark 02 for example, 6 inches of the greatest insertable quality in the adult toy industry! If looking for something a bit longer, the Adam 02 is your best option.

Fancy double penetration?

Many people have double penetration fantasies. The thought of enjoying vaginal penetration and anal play simultaneously is an understandable desire. However, some might not like the idea of having a threesome, especially if they're currently in a relationship. Double penetration dildos give single or taken people a satisfying alternative to enjoying intense pleasure. If you're in a relationship and your partner wants to try double penetration. One important thing to remember is that their desire is not a result of poor sexual performance. Simply put, people just want to try different things and explore new sensations.

There are two variations in which users can enjoy double penetration toys. The first being a toy with two phalluses, such as the Kink Cock Double Penetrator. This is perfect for self-pleasure or can be held by a partner. The other option is a penetrator that acts as a cock ring and a phallus. This is a great way of keeping partners close together while enjoying vaginal and anal penetration. This Anal Fantasy Collection Double Trouble gives one partner all the benefits of a cock ring, strengthening erection and prolonging orgasm, these toys can make for some incredibly intense shared orgasms.

Realistic dildos

Realistic dongs are all about maximising internal massage through natural features. Bulging veins that don't miss a nerve ending, tapered tips comfortable for insertion and curvature to hit all your favourite spots! Realistic dildos don’t necessarily have to be flesh coloured either, they come in many different colours, materials and like any penis, feature a variety of sizes. Two popular options are the Basix 6 Inch Suction Cup Dildo or Basix Slim 7 Inch Suction Cup Dildo.

See Adulttoymegastore's full range of realistic dildos here!

Glass Dildos

Glass dildos are recommended for many reasons. Glass toys are non-porous, making them a very hygienic choice. Because you can place them in a dishwasher, cleaning can be very effortless. Glass toys also bring the possibility of temperature play. Temperature play involves submerging your dildo in hot or cold water. Different sensations can intensify the sensations felt during use, as nerve endings become more sensitive. Warming up a dildo is used to simply make things more comfortable, especially during those cold winter nights!

Things to remember!

Always use lubricant with any dildo or butt plug. Whether it's a small dildo or large dildo, being generous with lubricant ensures comfortable insertion and body safety. Inserting a sex toy should never be painful! Lubricant, relaxing your body and constant communication are ways to keep insertion comfortable. If things ever become too uncomfortable, put the toys away and try again another time! Water based lubricant is recommended as silicone lubricant will degrade silicone toys.

Always discuss the use of any dildo before sharing it with a partner. Each partner should have a firm understanding of how to use a dildo safely. Both partners should have complete trust in each other and be comfortable communicating.

See Adulttoymegastore's full range of insertable sex toys. Including glass dildos, double ended dildos, dual density silicone dildos and strap on dildos in a variety of shapes.

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By 2 days ago
Not sure where to start when shopping for a new dildo? Here's 3 easy tips to help you out!. Expand article.

3 Tips for Buying a Dildo

Buying sex toys can be a seemingly daunting task, what with the huge range available and different options out there. Sometimes, you just don't know what to get – and scrolling for what seems like hours is the last thing you want to do.

We know how hard it can be. That's why we've put together 3 top tips for purchasing your new dildo!

  1. Know your size! The average erect penis is 5.16 inches in length, yet it's not uncommon to find dozens of dildos that are well over 10 inches! When shopping for your next toy, keep in mind that all dildos will have a total length and an insertable length. The insertable length is the amount that you can actually put inside you, so this is the one you want to look out for.

Likewise, it's important to consider the girth (otherwise known as the circumference) of your dildo, as they can get quite wide – which can be quite uncomfortable and painful if you're not used to it!

If you want a good beginner's option, or just want something a little on the smaller end, the Basix 6 Inch Dildo is a great pick! Its length is 6 inches and the girth is 4.7 inches, meaning that it’s a manageable size for most.

Or if you're after something that's a little more intense, this King Cock dildo is 12 inches with a girth of 9.41 inches! Not for the faint-hearted, this toy is perfect for those who are looking for something that certainly doesn’t skimp on size.

  1. What are you using it for? When buying a dildo (or anything, really!), you'll want to think about how you are actually planning on using it. If you want to take your toy in the shower to spice up bath time, then you might want the added bonus of your dildo having a suction cup. Or maybe you want to try out dual stimulation – there's a dildo for that, too! With the variety available, it's easy to overlook what you actually want, so take the time to research your options and choose something that’s perfect for you.

The Basix 6 Inch Suction Cup Dildo is an affordable option that can adhere to most surfaces to allow plenty of variety in your sex life! Check out Sophie's video below for some more information.

The King Cock Double Penetrator is a great choice for those wanting to branch out and try something new. This toy provides dual vaginal and anal stimulation, helping provide hours of fun and enjoyment!

  1. Consider your budget. If you've got a steady stream of cash and are willing to spend the big bucks, that's great! But you don't always need to purchase the most expensive dildo on the market to get all the benefits. In fact, many basic dildos will do the trick perfectly fine, so if you’re on a budget, don’t worry!

The Vivid 7 Inch Ribbed Jellie Dong is a super affordable best-seller if you need something on the cheaper side. Made using a soft jelly rubber, this toy is ribbed for an ultra-erotic experience!

Glass dildos are typically a little more expensive, however they are made from smooth, non-porous, hypoallergenic glass that is incredibly easy to insert and feels great. Plus, glass can be used for temperature play – so heat it up or cool it down for a new sensation!

Want more?

Adulttoymegastore has a wide range of sex toys including vibrators, cock rings, dildos, and more! With discreet shipping, friendly customer service, and price guarantee, ATMS is your one stop for all things adult related.

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By 29 days ago
Posted in Sex Toy Guides
Your new favourite sex trend is going mainstream! Check out these references to pegging in pop culture.... Expand article.

4 Pegging References in Pop Culture

Pegging's going mainstream!

While still considered a somewhat taboo subject, pegging is slowly becoming a more accepted and talked about subject, and we're all about it!

Pegging is an incredibly empowering and pleasurable experience for couples of any variety - if you're looking for some advice to start out, or want to know the ins and outs, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide!

We all know how influential pop culture can be. So hopefully by portraying pegging as a positive, empowering act, more people will open the doors to a bit of sexual exploration. Here are five pegging references that we've seen in pop culture....


Weeds was ahead of the craze, featuring pegging in an episode back in 2006. In this scene, Yael pegs Andy after finally agreeing to have sex with him. The encounter comes as somewhat as a surprise for Andy, however the show handles this scene in a positive way despite the lack of awareness that pegging had in the mid-2000s.

Broad City

The pegging scene from Broad City has become so infamous, that you've probably already seen it floating around the Internet somewhere. In this scene from 2015, Abbi is in bed with cute neighbour Jeremy. When she asks if they can switch things up, Jeremy excitedly rushes to his dresser to retrieve a large, bright green strap-on.

Abbi then faces a dilemma: to peg or not to peg? Of course, she calls up her best friend Ilana, who is excited and encourages her to go through with it, which she does - and everyone is happy. BFF goals, right?


The 2016 American superhero film Deadpool received a considerable amount of praise from viewers, who loved its dark humour and characters. But one scene that definitely shouldn't go unnoticed, is the pegging scene during the sex montage. In celebration of International Women's Day, Deadpool's wife Vanessa penetrates him with a strap-on.

The best thing about this reference is that pegging is often frowned upon by heterosexual males, as they believe it is linked to homosexuality. But in Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds, while portraying a "manly", tough character, has no problem playing up the gender roles and becoming the submissive one. Equality, ya'll!

Teen Vogue

It isn't just TV shows and movies that are promoting pegging in a sex-positive light! While suffering a bit of backlash about its appropriateness, Teen Vogue released an article earlier this year based around anal sex. While it did not exclusively cover pegging, the article was aimed at younger audiences to inform and educate them, including diagrams of the prostate and encouraging anal sex for all genders.

While it's not for everyone, pegging is known to strengthen heterosexual relationships, with professionals stating that the role reversal and gender switch can be incredibly beneficial.


Celebrities aren't so different from us after all! Again, while no celebrity has explicitly discussed the details of their pegging adventures (yet!), many have admitted to loving a bit of back-door action.

Among these celebrities is 50 Cent, Drake and Kanye West, although the details might be a little off. Either way, we reckon it's just a matter of time before our fave celebs give in to pegging...

Whether you and your partner are interested or not, always practice safe sex and keep things fun, sexy, and consensual!


Looking for some pegging essentials? The most important thing you'll need is a lubricant such as Moist Anal Lube, to ensure a pain-free, friction-free experience! This lube is silky smooth and will keep everything smooth and slippery.

You'll also need your strap-on harness and dildo. An all-in-one set is the easiest way to ensure you have everything you need - try something like the Fetish Fantasy First Time Vibrating Strap-On.

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By one month ago

How to choose a dildo

Do you need help choosing and buying a dildo? We have hundreds to choose from, so here are our top tips for buying the perfect dong!

No matter what stage you're at when it comes to sex toy experimentation, whether you're a beginner or advanced user, every adult toy collection needs at least one dildo. Dildos can be used by men or women (anally or vaginally), and are great for masturbation as well as couples' play. Couples can use dildos to fulfil fantasies, experiment with temperature play, or try out pegging and strap-on sex.

The best dildos are ones that are non-porous (not made from materials that absorb fluid and can harbor bacteria). We believe that the best materials for dildos are 100% silicone, stainless steel or glass. Dongs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, so it's important to choose the size and the design that will fit your body and sexual preferences best.

What are the best dildos for beginners?

Beginners should start with a smaller dildo, no larger than 7 inches in length with a smaller girth, until they are comfortable to try a larger toy. Smooth dildos are great for beginners, but dildos with curved tips for G-spot stimulation, or realistic dildos with penis-shaped tips and life-like balls are also great options, and if you want to attach your dildo to hard surfaces for hands-free action, buy a dildo with a suction cup base. Read The Best Dildos For Beginners to find out more.

Which dildos are best for strap-on sex?

If you want to try pegging or strap-on sex with your partner, you'll need to buy a harness with a compatible dildo. Some strap on harnesses are specially designed with a wide, round base with O-rings to hold onto the dildo. Some harnesses come with dildos, but many don't. Therefore, it's important to ensure the strap-on dildo you're purchasing will be compatible with your harness. Read The Ultimate Guide to Strap-on Dildos for Beginners for more information.

Can I use a dildo anally?

All dildos can be used for vaginal penetration, but only some dildos are safe for anal penetration. Those that are safe for anal use will be smooth and seamless and will have a flared base to prevent them from slipping too far into the rectum. You shouldn't use the same dildo vaginally and anally unless you are using condoms with the dildo, or are properly cleaning the dildo using hot water and sex toy cleaner in between uses. Read How To Clean Your Sex Toys for more information about how to care for your dildo.

How do you use a dildo?

First and foremost, Dildos always require lubrication. The personal lubricant that you use with your dildo needs to be compatible with the material the dildo is made from. Water-based lubricants are a safe bet if you're ever unsure of what lubricant to use. If you are using a dildo made of silicone, do not use silicone-based lubricant as silicone reacts with silicone. Read Everything you need to know about lubricants to find out more.

After you've lubricated your dildo and the outside of the vagina or anus, slide the dildo inside slowly and gently. You will experience a pleasurable full sensation and then can explore different speeds and angles to hit all your orgasmic areas with the dildo. After use, always thoroughly clean the dildo using antibacterial soap and hot water, and sex toy cleaner. Dry thoroughly before storing the dildo in a cloth bag or sex toy storage box.