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The Heat - Sex ArticlesThe Heat - Sex Articles

10 Alternative Uses for Lubricant

By Orin Ruaine-Prattley 7 months ago. Posted in Sex Toy Guides
10 Alternative Uses for Lubricant

Lube isn't just great for making things easier in the bedroom. They can enable other parts of your life as well. You probably have a bottle of lube lying around because you tried anal sex once. Even those who enjoyed it, sometimes can't be bothered straying from vanilla sex. Otherwise, you only get it out on very special occasions, not good enough!

Well, whenever your eyes brush across that rogue bottle. Don't glimpse away regretting your lack of indulgence. Sexual lubricant does not only represent pleasure potential. It symbolises an array of problem solves you may have never thought of.

1. Preventing chafing


Experiencing a bit of chafing? Chuck some lubricant on the irritated skin and return to whatever you're doing. This is especially great for those who are taking part in vigorous exercise. Classic cases are coarse nips or tender thighs. The other thing you might want to consider is what material your clothes are. If the lube might come up as an embarrassing wet patch, then be sure to rub it in well!

2. Removing a stuck ring

What came first? Removing your finger from someone's rectum or removing your finger from a personal ring. It's a chicken-eggy one to say the least. There's plenty of reasons why someone may want to remove their ring. Especially when taking an engagement ring off! Too many people jump to the conclusion that taking off your ring is related to something going wrong in their marriage or wanting to attract external attention. People usually remove a ring when exercising, cleaning, cooking, painting, handling tools/equipment and even during pregnancy.


Apply some personal lubricant to the concerning finger and it should slide off easy!

3. Making a stuck zipper work again


No, your favourite jacket is not a write off! Applying a dash of lubricant to the stubborn zipper and smoothly gliding it down the track. Water based lubricant is recommended here as silicone lube might hang around for a while.

4. Fixing a bad hair day


No, I'm not suggesting you use it like one of those old pottles of gel that were popular in the past. Unless you’ve got a 60's themed party you'd like to attend. Slicked back, Grease Lightning-esque with the water-based lube. This method is most useful when you've got an annoying alfalfa.

5. Removing stickers

This is quite an interesting one. You know when you remove a sticker and it's still left behind that infuriating residue. If you're big on aesthetics and want your new vase to look as perfect as it did in the home improvement magazine. Splash some lube over the sticker, let it sit for five minutes or so, then peel away!

6. As a makeup remover

The morning after a night of raunchy anal play, you look in the mirror and think, "shadows a bit off." Grab the remainder of your favourite silicone lube, dab a small amount on your face and voila!

7. Breaking in new shoes


Another one that's popular among athletes. Blisters suck! Using petroleum jelly or any type of lubricant will work. The main blister usually refers to skin around the back of the heel.

8. Shining your shoes!

Shoe polish is an old-school product. Maybe it's the popularity of sneakers or a drop-in glimmer standards. Either way, it's no longer a usual everyone has. Thankfully, using lubricant or latex condoms is almost as good. Remember, silicone = shining!

9. Shaving your legs


Smoothing your legs with some water-based or silicone-based lubricant is an easy shaving alternative. Shaving cream unexpectedly ran out and don't fancy using soap. Lubricant will preserve all of your natural oils while shaving, ensuring body safety and comfortability post shave. Further, lubricant won't react negatively with any razors.

10. Create an ice pack!

Water-based lubricant is needed in this case. The only problem here is that you may require a considerable amount to create an adequate ice pack. Pour your lubricant into a tight ziplock bag, place it in the freezer and you're good to go. If you're into temperature play, you can let the icey lube melt on your partner and eventually use it for penetration. Just ensure you discuss whether everyone involved is okay with some frisky freezing going on.

Don't use soap!

Soap doesn't reduce friction. You may have been thinking that soap was an appropriate alternative for many of the problems stated in this list. Soap isn't recommended because it can remove the natural oils from your skin. Increasing friction and heightening the chance of skin irritation.

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The Heat Sex ArticlesThe Heat Sex Articles
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17th September 2019
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17th September 2019
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