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The Heat - Sex ArticlesThe Heat - Sex Articles

5 Adult Sex Games for Couples

By Aasha 3 months ago. Posted in Sex Games
5 Adult Sex Games for Couples

Introducing sex games to your partner is a fabulous idea if you are finding yourselves stuck for inspiration. Games adds an element of fun and spontaneity to your erotic play with your partner. Whether you add in a game as an original version of foreplay, or wanting to try something new, a game is an easy way to not be intimidated. Here’s a list of five games you can try out. Whether you’re brave enough to play these games with friends or you’d rather keep the knowledge of what you do in bed between you and your partner behind closed doors, these are some of the best adult party games there are available!

Find the Flavour

You could add taste onto the smorgasbord of foreplay by buying a few different flavours of lube and placing a streak on places you would like your partner to find them. Then have your partner try to find the flavours and guess what they taste like. This is a great way for a partner to discover your favourite erogenous zones and feels incredibly indulgent. The System Jo Gelato range of flavoured lubricant is perfect for this. The flavours are very authentic and taste good enough that you may even think about putting a shot of this in your coffee!

Game of Chance

If you are looking for a way to change up what you do in the bedroom but can’t make a decision, then some erotic dice are the right choice for you. You can get all kinds of erotic dice. There are ones that depict a position and a room of your house. There are also ones that have an action such as ‘Lick’ or ‘Touch’ and then name a body part. If you’re starved for inspiration, this would be the choice for you.

Light Bondage Guessing Game

This game needs only a blindfold plus a tickler and a crop. One of you is blindfolded and the other asks the one blindfolded to guess what they are holding in their right hand. If the guesser is right, they get a playful, sensuous tickle with the feather, if they are wrong, they get tapped by the crop. You can also get dual-ended tools that have both a feather pom-pom at one end and a crop at the other. In this case, just flip one end into your hand and have them guess. The anticipation of the guesser finding out if they were right or wrong will have them squirming in their seat and will be equally fun for the partner who gets to deal out the pleasure/punishment. Just remember to figure out how hard the tap of the crop will be beforehand.

Copy Cat

This one will need to have a few rules made by the two of you beforehand. Make a list of acts you would be uncomfortable with and allow a veto system during the game. After that, watch an adult film together and only touch each other as dictated by what’s on screen. You don’t have to completely copy the film, the actors on those are professionals and you don’t want to hurt yourselves. However, using the touches showed as a guide can be really fun. Going at your own speed, you can move from blow jobs, to breast fondling, to penetration, all according to what is seen on screen. The yearning for a certain act or body part to be on the screen will teach you a lot about your sexuality and what you like from your partner.

Erotic Board Games

There are also sexual board games that you can play, they are designed to break you out of any monotony you may be suffering from. With cards, dice, play mats and game spinners, you will find all kinds of ways to incorporate some exciting amorous times into your sex life. The game pictured below Compromising Positions has a game that is meant to be played on a bed and players move the markers around the board, touching body parts as directed or moving positions. You will definitely find something new to love from this, and since the prize for the winner is to choose a position to finish the evening off, you will be glad for the added inspiration. 1000 Sex Games, keeps things fresh by allowing you to play all kinds of different erotic games, you’ll never be bored in the bedroom again!

Lust! Board Game

Lust! is the board game made for adults. Allowing you to explore romantic and physical intimacies with your partner, roll the dice and let the fun begin. Move around the board, building a sexual fantasy and discovering new foreplay and sex techniques. Once you reach the end that's when the real fun begins, act out the fantasy for real and see just why Lust is one of Adult Toy Mega Store's favourite adult sex games.

Pecker Ring Toss

Stick this 6-inch dong on your favourite flat surface and let the games begin! Using a penis instead of a stick will definitely spice up any game of ring toss. Hopefully you’ll be able to stop laughing for long enough to make sure you can throw straight! Couple this game with shots for the losing team to make it funnier as time goes on too. This is a perfect addition to any hen’s night party and will give your bachelorette a night to remember.

Pin the Macho on the Man

This is another spin on beloved traditional party game. Does pin the tail on the donkey sound familiar? Well, imagine the donkey is a hunky dude and the tail is his … you get the idea. Blindfold your friends, give ‘em a spin and laugh as you watch them try to pin the penis on the poster! Kudos to whoever scores the best. They definitely know their way around the male anatomy.

We’ve Never Couples Game

Next up is the We’ve Never Couples Game. This is a drinking game for couples of any level of adventurous to enjoy. Simply choose a card at random. If you’ve done the act it describes, drink. If not, you’ve just added something to your bucket list of sex!

Strip Poker

A classic. All you need for this is a pack of cards and a few friends you don’t mind getting your kit off in front of. The rules of the game are pretty simple. Raise, hold, try not to fold. And keep that poker face going strong! Though that could be difficult when it comes to the ‘strip’ part of strip poker. See, when you lose a hand or it comes time to pay up, you don’t use regular old cash. The currency of choice in strip poker is clothes! So, make sure you brush up on your skills unless you want to be running around in the nuddy after making a few too many risky bets.


Adlib Drinking Game

If it’s a hilarious party game you’re after, go with the tried and true classic, adlibs. Customise your own rules for the drinking game and see what you and your fellow party-goers come up with when reading out your completed story.

Sex Dice

A true classic, spice up your foreplay with some sex dice! Simply throw the dice down on the bed and do what they tell you! Oral sex in the kitchen? Eating food off of each other in the lounge? Nibble their toes in the bedroom? The possibilities are endless with sex dice. And, who knows? You might awaken a new kink you never knew you had!

Pillow Talk Sex Game

Pillow Talk is the beginners sex game go-to! Ignite the fire in your love life and thank us later. Pillow talk is all about connecting and creating new boundaries with your lover, by introducing new and forgotten parts of foreplay and sex that everyone can benefit from. Affordable and easy to take anywhere its card deck packaging allows for the perfect travel companion. The sexy but simple game of loving communication and pleasure is the ultimate game for those who aren't yet ready for the more advanced play but still want to switch things up!

Sex Therapy Kit for Lovers

The Sex Therapy Kit for Lovers sex game is the prescription for pleasure. Don't bother calling the doctor, this sexual healing kit is sure to be the fix. With a mix of romance, fun and sexiness the huge variety of different items for you and your lover to play with are guaranteed to "heal" and please you both.

Sex Toy Seductions Sex Game

Sex Toys and irresistible seduction, need we say more? Whether you are new to sex toys or experienced, this game is perfect for all levels of sex enthusiasts! The kit is affordable and enjoyable, by adding in two of the bestselling adult toys to the game we vote this to be a must have for your bedroom play. The game includes a set of seduction cards to educate and inspire you, introducing creative ways you can play with the sex toys and one and other.

Bondage Seductions Sex Game

Do you like being blindfolded? Whipped? Tied up? This bondage kit is the perfect way to find out! Explore a new world of sexual desires with your partner. Play the whole sex game or use one of the cards for each sexual adventure, pairing the cards with the restraints and accessories included in the kit. Or for the more adventurous, add your favourite sex toys to the mix to make this the ultimate experience.

Bondage play helps to push sexual boundaries and experiment to keep sexual satisfaction at a high. Bondage play is usually a dominant/submissive relationship, always established and consented, abiding by both players' rules while creating new sexual interactions and pleasure for both parties.

Bath Time Fun

The Cherry Blossom Bath Bomb is the perfect romantic way to make bath time a little more exciting! Enjoy a relaxing bath (or hot tub!) to set the mood, and once the bath bomb has fully dissolved, your night of fun begins!

Inside the bath bomb you'll find 3 sexually suggestive cards to keep the bath time spark alive! This bath bomb is discreet and inconspicuous, meaning you can leave in the bathroom for when the moment strikes – and no one will notice a thing...

Yearly planner

If your New Year's resolution is to have more sex, or have better sex, then A Year of Kama Sutra might be the perfect addition to your nightstand! With 52 "sex tips" cards in total, all you need to do is pick a new one each week to try out. Perhaps you have sex every night of the week, or your busy routine means it's more like every few weeks. No matter your situation, this game will have your heart racing for the whole year!


Sometimes the best way to keep your partner interested is by sending them a few cheeky texts during the day – let them know you're thinking about them! The Texxxt Message Seductions Game will make you feel like a teenager again, with dozens of racy, creative and entertaining seductions to choose from. You'll love teasing your partner and getting them excited for the night of fun ahead! Simply pick a message and heat up your lover's day with the click of a button.

Never Have I Ever

Want to learn more about your partner and what they're interested in sexually? With 160 adventures, the We've Never cards let you celebrate what you have done together, and try out new things! Make a night of it and spend some quality time looking through the cards and deciding what you'd be willing to try – just make sure you keep them nearby for the moment’s right.

This is great to improve your relationship and understand what your partner is willing to try, and also makes for some great foreplay to set the mood and get you in the right mind-set!

If you're looking for more fun ways to spice up your life, Adulttoymegastore has a huge variety of sex toys including vibrators, dildos and bondage items! With some to suit every need, Adulttoymegastore boasts fast shipping, price guarantee, and friendly customer service to help with any questions!


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