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How to Clone-A-Willy

By Janelle Cheesman 9 months ago. Posted in Sex Toy Guides
How to Clone-A-Willy (make your own Dildo!)

How to clone your willy using a Clone-A-Willy Dildo kit

You can now make a copy of your, or your partner's, penis with a Clone-a-willy dildo making kit!

Could this be the perfect surprise for anyone in a long-distance relationship or to give someone as a very unique gift? We certainly think so!

Whatever your reason for making a second copy of your penis, the Clone-A-Willy kit provides everything you need to take a cast of your penis and make a silicone dildo or vibrator in its image – veins and all.

Make an exact vibrating silicone replica of any penis, safely and easily in the comfort of your own home. Clone-A-Willy's medically tested molding gel captures incredible lifelike detail, making it the most personalized sex toy on the planet. It's fun and easy to do!

What is Clone-A-Willy?

Clone-A-Willy is a sex toy brand that allows you to partake in the art of penis casting and penis molding using a homemade dildo kit. The penis casting system uses body-safe materials to guarantee incredibly life-like detail. Each of Clone-A-Willy's penis casting kits comes with everything you need to create an amazingly detailed replica of your favorite penis.

Clone-A-Willy Dildos are available in an assortment of colors including neon, glow-in-the-dark, and natural flesh tones. Each Clone-A-Willy penis casting kit comes with a vibrating unit, as well as everything you need to make your own dildo.

How Do I Clone My Willy?

If you want to use a Clone-A-Willy Kit, here's how to go about making your first dildo mold!

clone a willy cool pic

First Step: Choose Your Willy

The Clone-A-Willy sex toy range has an array of colours for you to choose from. Do you want your willy to glow in the dark? It can! You can even make a chocolate willy if you want to... Check out the entire Clone-A-Willy range here.

To clone your willy, follow these instructions:

  1. Cut tube to match the length of your erect penis, plus half an inch.
  2. Tape around the edge of the tube. This will be pressed against your body so you want it to be smooth.
  3. Measure 3/4 cup of 90-degree F (32 degrees Celsius) water to pour into a large mixing bowl.
  4. Start your timer. Cut open the bag of white molding powder, pour it into the bowl of water and start mixing. Stir no longer than 60 seconds.
  5. Pour the mixture into the molding tube. While standing, quickly insert your penis before two minutes is up. Don't wait too long or the mixture will begin to set!
  6. Press the tube against your body. The molding gel will completely solidify in about two more minutes.
  7. Once the mold has gelled, remove your penis while leaving the mold inside the tube. To get the most detail, let this sit for four hours before moving on.
  8. Mix the two jars of silicone together in a clean, disposable container. Use the wooden stick to get all of the silicone out and mix for at least two minutes.
  9. Pour out any water that has accumulated in the bottom of your mold and slowly pour in the silicone.
  10. Cut a small "X" in the center of a small piece of cardboard. Push the vibrator through the cut until only the screw cap sticks out one end.
  11. Insert the silicone and cardboard assembly into the center of the filled mold so that the cardboard rests flat against the top of the tube. Ensure to leave enough space for the vibrator to be added, or the mold may overflow.
  12. Wait 24 hours before removing your finished dildo from the mold.

Voila! You have your very own custom-made clone-a-willy dildo!

Are you ready to Clone-A-Willy?

Click here to see the entire Clone-A-Willy range! 3b07bae5-b229-4497-84e4-f78a8f6d5a23.jpg. CB293662764  SR970,300

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9 months ago
Really keen to try one of these out on my man. Preferably the glow in the dark one. It can be my new night light.
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