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The Heat - Sex ArticlesThe Heat - Sex Articles

Virtual Reality, Adult Toys and the Future of Online Dating

By Orin Ruaine-Prattley 9 months ago. Posted in Adult Industry News
Virtual Reality, Adult Toys and the Future of Online Dating

Virtual reality has has been around for awhile now. It's commonly associated with the gaming industry. However, it didn't take everyone very long to figure out that virtual reality would also change the adult industry and adult sex. Whether it's for the better or not? That's something we may have to find out.

The most notable generation gap in the 21st century so far is to do with those who grew up with internet and those without. Perhaps the next biggest gap will refer to those who grow up within virtual reality.

So we've stated that virtual reality will affect many industries, but something else that needs to be considered is the effect it might have on teenagers and puberty. Traditionally, almost nostalgically we think back on the days of hiding porno magazines under the bed, then we move to watching porn videos on computers. Now we are going to have teenagers wearing virtual reality gear, completely immersed in whatever they want. Their computer chairs could even be a virtual reality station, they're not just watching porn, they're in it!


A common concern is to do with how virtual reality will affect social lives. Just like the controversy around social media. Has it worsened communication or allowed better communication. Is virtual reality unsocial tech, or will it allows users to communicate better than ever. Allowing facial or even full body expression to be recorded and transmitted. Convincing users like they're in the same room, yet they could be anywhere in the world.


Teledildonic adult products allow people to pleasure each other via the internet. This usually involves one partner making a motion, whilst the other receives the pleasure. Take the Kiroo Onyx Teledildonic Masturbator and Pearl for example. Once partners connect their devices together, they can both enjoy long distance pleasure simultaneously. This has been greatly beneficial for those who are in long distance relationships, who want to keep levels of intimacy and sexual satisfaction alive.

You can probably already imagine why virtual reality is the next step up in teledildonics. Where partners can share more intimate movements that's not just focused on genital stimulation.

Virtual reality porn

Let's begin by starting with a positive that virtual reality may create. Developments in technology could reduce the rate of teen pregnancy. The other side of the coin is that if you have technology that simulates sex, it might seem unnecessary to have a real human to enjoy sex. Bringing the potential idea that teenagers could decide to opt out of parts of puberty that could affect how people mature.


Virtual reality porn is already very popular. Devices such as the BKK Virtual Reality Masturbation Device or the Vstroker Virtual Sex Fleshlight come with their own set of virtual reality porn for users to enjoy. Developing teledildonics will make pornography a lot more compelling. Imagine you're a super self conscious teenager again who can hardly string a sentence together when talking to someone they find attractive. Why would you go through all that uncomfortable courting when you can just spawn someone in virtual reality? The option to stay home immersed in a virtual world can seem very tempting.

Still it's safe to assume many people will still live in the real world. Everyone has a different libido and staying home in a virtual voyeurism doesn’t actually tickles everyone's fantasy. But, it will make sel-love an entirely new experience. This article hasn’t even mentioned sex dolls or robots. It's said that once virtual reality reaches a certain point, sex dolls will become obsolete.

Video sourced from Complex

Online dating

The other consideration is what affect teledildonic and virtual reality might have on online dating. There have already been predictions that people will be able to walk into a bar and online apps will already have identified who is the best possible match according to shared information. Online dating already shares this information, but doesn’t update it as you walk into different rooms!


Will new apps also match information referring to peoples sex life? Matching libidos, matching fantasies, matching toys, favourite positions or sex acts? Who knows.

Whatever the case, I imagine this article is only scratching the surface of what we can expect in future developments in the adult industry. It’s going to be wild, so stay informed and stay healthy!


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