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The Heat - Sex ArticlesThe Heat - Sex Articles

The Ultimate Guide to Travelling with Sex Toys

By Jasmine McCloud 3 months ago. Posted in Sex Toy Guides
The Ultimate Guide to Travelling with Sex Toys

Whether you’re flying solo or travelling with a ‘friend’ or two, there’s always the need to get off! No matter where you are in the world, sexual urges prevail. While I don’t condone joining the ‘Mile High’ club, (c’mon guys, it’s pervy and weird and doesn’t need to happen in public), I am a strong supporter of travelling with sex toys! You’re probably going to want to avoid triggering a bomb scare when your vibrator decides to turn itself on in your backpack.

To make sure you get your jollies across the seven seas, make sure you read our ultimate guide to travelling with sex toys!

There is a wide selection of adult toys suitable for travel! Varying in sizes and shapes there'll always be a way to hide away your favourites for some private pleasure that'll shake off any jet lag.

Wand Vibrators

These Le Wand Rechargeable Massagers are a sure way to get off no matter what continent you’re on. The massagers boast 10 vibration speeds, 20 vibration patterns and a travel lock setting that can be encompassed in a complimentary travel case. Fitting snug in your luggage, they won't take up too much space and nobody will know what's inside.

Le Wand also sells a ‘petite’ version of their rechargeable massager that is perfect for those who need conserve a bit of space in their suitcase.

Tenga Eggs

Tenga Eggs are one-time use disposable masturbation sleeves that reflect the size of a small egg. Its design makes it highly portable, almost to the point where you can just throw these in your bag and you can settle in for a night of pleasure. Coming in many different variations, you'll never have a boring night! The Silky and Misty are two innovations, however to see the full range, click here!

If you fancy a bit of culture, both on your trip and in the bedroom, Keith Haring’s collaboration with Tenga is the answer! Haring paired up with Tenga to adorn some eggs with his signature modern art.

These Tenga eggs are perfect for solo play or use with a partner, and discreet enough that no one will know they’re a sex toy at a glance. Each egg contains a unique blend of nodules and ridges so you’re sure to find something to tickle your fancy.

Bullet Vibrators

The natural choice for space friendly sex toys are bullet vibrators or cock rings. Bullet vibrators are the embodiment of “good things come in small packages!” Don't let their small or discreet design give the impression that they lack on the pleasure side of things. This Rve 3 Speed Bunny or Ovo D5 Rechargeable Mini Vibe feature focal tips that provide the best in pinpoint pleasure!

App Controlled

App-controlled sex toys are especially travel-friendly because they're made specifically for those in long distance relationships. For couples where one person has to constantly travel for work, these are great ways to keep an intimate connection or even spice things up! They also are just as useful to share once your back together. No matter where you're travelling, opening an app can make all our long-distance desires come true. The We-vibe Sync requires the We-Connect app to be downloaded by both partners. Whenever one partner goes away, simply open the app and the vibration intensity is completely up to the controller. It also features "beat mode" which causes automated vibrations that sync with the beat of your music. So, turn up the music on your hotel room speaker and you'll be vibing out in more ways than one!

Nipple Clamps

The great thing about some sex toys is that they look similar to jewellery. Folding away like your favourite necklace, nipple clamps are a perfect discreet toy to store away for arousal on arrival. If anyone wonders what the gleaming adornment is shining from your bag, just say it's a piece of jewellery. Two great choices are the Nipple Barrel clamps from Fetish Fantasy or the Ornament Adjustable Nipple Clamps. Nipple clamps are small by design, so don’t worry about spending all of your luggage space in one go!

Cock rings should always be welcome. They're discreet, luggage friendly and the majority of people are familiar with them. If you're just getting to know someone, whipping out a set of cock rings isn't going to put them off. Considering they represent a better sexual performance, with prolonged erections and stronger orgasms. Introducing a Silicone Cock Ring into the bedroom is an unintimidating and completely beneficial addition.

Bondage play is something to be careful of during your overseas experience. If you’re single, ready to mingle, and have a craving for kink, be wary when you decide to introduce your pleasurable products. BDSM play requires trust. It’s not recommended to introduce bondage toys without a prior discussion about how comfortable you are and your limitations. These First Timer Cuffs from Fetish Fantasy feature an eye mask, might come in handy for the flight over. If planning a raunchy getaway, Adulttoymegastore has all the BDSM toys to enable a desirable departure. See our full bondage section here!

Keep It Clean

When you’re abroad you may not have access to your traditional method of cleaning your sex toys, whether it be a dishwasher or boiling them on the stove. At Adulttoymegastore we sell a huge range of toy cleaners, many of which are travel-friendly!

Cleanm pens are a great solution to cleaning your sex toys on the go. Simply remove the cap and apply the cleaning liquid to your toy before rinsing it off! ` Refresh is one of our best-selling antibacterial toy cleaners, and for good reason! You can now take a 1oz bottle of the good stuff on a plane, train or automobile to your exotic destination. If you fancy something quick and easy, pillow packs are the perfect handful to take along with you. Simply pop the cap to wash your toy, then you’re done!

A top tip when taking any sort of liquid on a plane is to store them in re-sealable plastic bags. Not only does it make it easier for security to inspect your items, but the bag will also protect your luggage from any accidental leakage.

Important Things to Remember!

Be prepared for your carry on or check in bag to be inspected. You'd prefer airport security to not be going through some pretty personal gear and they probably don’t want to either. Preparation to make everyone's lives easier is recommended. This involves removing the batteries from everything that vibrates and pack them separately. If your toy is rechargeable, try to deplete the charge before packing. Finally, if your toy has the luxury of having a travel mode, ensure it's activated. Group similar items when packing. Pack all of your sexy accessories together like bondage rope, vibrators and wrist restraints. Therefore, if airport security requires an explanation you can clarify things in groups. While explaining, if you can prove that certain items are all meant for similar purposes, it makes the entire process less stressful and more time efficient. Pack all sensitive items or items that you'd expect to come under suspicion in clear plastic packaging. This lessens the chance of contamination if things are handled by security and will also help in keeping items discreet.

When taking your luggage through airport security and the staff are curious about the odd-looking ornament in your bag. Be honest about what it is! It might be a bit embarrassing, but if you go quiet and awkward, they might think it's something dangerous! It's unlikely, but it has happened! Also, remove any batteries and pack them in a clear plastic bag!

Don’t worry if a member of airport staff has to have a look at what you’re packing. They’ve seen it all before! Happy travels!


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The Heat Sex ArticlesThe Heat Sex Articles
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