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The Heat - Sex ArticlesThe Heat - Sex Articles

Are Introverts Less Likely to Use Sex Toys?

By Orin Ruaine-Prattley 7 months ago. Posted in Relationship Advice
Are Introverts Less Likely to Use Sex Toys?

We're always comparing introverts and extroverts aren't we. A lot of writing about interesting is inevitably full of generalisations. Of course, there are introverts who enjoy socialising a lot from time to time and there are extroverts who want to live in relative solitude for a while. However, there are common themes that describe how the two groups may feel the majority of the time and this can potentially rub off on one's sex life.

Before getting into the particulars of this article is that being an introvert or extrovert has no reflection on whether you enjoy sex toys or your ability to use them. However different personality traits can alter the conditions in which either personality types are comfortable indulging in their desires. Anyway, without further ado, here's a few reasons introverts may be less likely to use a selection of adult toys.

Bringing up sex toys to a partner!

Introverts are far less likely to bring up the conversation around using sex toys. Why? Because talking about sex toys requires a whole lot of small talk. Small talk is an introvert’s worse nightmare or at least something they'd rather avoid. The difference between an extrovert and an introvert is the amount of time it takes to feel comfortable bringing up personal topics. When two extroverts get together, they may have already asked each other if they use sex toys on the walk back to whoever's place, a wild night in no doubt. However, if two introverts are walking home together, they’re more likely to be discussing social or political issues, maybe even a book of mutual appreciation. Whatever interests they’ve been discussing, it's highly likely anal toys, dildos or vibrators never were muttered. A very pleasurable, but probably vanilla night ahead!


Introverts have less sex on average

Another way to look at things is by the amount of sex different personality types have. Some studies show that extroverts have more sex. All that socialising and actually accepting invitations to social events makes them more likely to have sex. Natural selection at its finest… Plus, introverts are more likely to find social situations more taxing, therefore when finally returning to the comfort of their bed, sex may be the last thing on their mind. The advantage here when wanting to achieve greater sexual satisfaction through sex life, is that the more often someone has sex, the more likely they are to engage in sexual discussion around desires. So, extroverts might be more likely to discover each other's naughty drawer earlier.

Although in public introverts may seem relatively reserved, in the bedroom some are likely to embrace their more animal side. Wanting a quiet night in, might not always be as quiet as it seems. This is often a pleasant surprise in a relationship, compared to an extrovert who exerts confidence but turns out to be pretty boring beneath the sheets. With all that time spent lost in their thoughts, introverts tend to be powerful fantasizers, great listeners and very patient lovers. Even if they are unlikely to bring up their own fantasies, they are likely to be interested in yours, because they want to satisfy them if they're comfortable. This is an opportunity for you to ask them what they like back!

All that alone time!


What does an introvert do once they finish reading that book, sewing that sweater or binge watching the latest sitcom? Masturbate of course! Sexual satisfaction without the need for any mind-numbing small talk, alcohol or someone entering your safe space. Using a sex toy is a no brainer.

One fantastic option to consider is the Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation. The clitoral stimulator is an example of the revolutionary range of Satisfyer's clit suction vibrators. These vibes are all the talk at the moment. Providing touch free clitoral stimulation through pressure waves. Plus, it's all encased in a bow tied penguin for goodness sake! What more could you ask for? Otherwise a masturbator from the Fleshlight range is your best bet. Although introverts are often considered to be patient and long-lasting lovers, there's nothing wrong with an extra bit of training. This Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit is one of ATMS's most popular picks.

At least introverts ensure intimacy and body safety!

The awesome thing about introverts is that they are only going to have a discussion around introducing sex toys to the bedroom with someone they have great trust in. This is someone who has a good understanding for them and their preferences. They understand that intimacy is a big deal, foreplay should be thorough and communication is essential. This is basically describing the prerequisites for deriving all the benefits from sharing sex toys with a partner. Meaning that although introverts may be slightly less likely to use sex toys, once they get to this stage, their sex life is going to be positively amazing!


Whenever sharing a sex toy with a partner, be sure to discuss its inclusion before whipping it out. Each partner should know what the toy is used for and how to use it. Also, it's worth explaining any additional settings or features that you think are worth noting! Discussing the use of a sex toy beforehand is the best way to ensure a pleasurable yet body safe experience.

Customer privacy is our priority, expect fast discreet delivery with any of our pleasurable products. All orders are shipped in plain packaging to reinforce customer privacy. To learn more about our delivery process, read our shipping information page or contact our customer service team.

Customer privacy is our priority, expect fast discreet delivery with any of our pleasurable products. All orders are shipped in plain packaging to reinforce customer privacy. To learn more about our delivery process, read our shipping information page or contact our customer service team.

See Adulttoymegastore's range of sex toys online, including vibrators, masturbators and butt plugs at a price guarantee.

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The Heat Sex ArticlesThe Heat Sex Articles
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