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The Heat - Sex ArticlesThe Heat - Sex Articles

5 of the Best-Selling Glass Dildos

By Orin 5 months ago. Posted in Sex Toy Guides
5 of the Best-Selling Glass Dildos

Apparently glass toys can get a bit of a negative wrap in the world of sex toys? I have no idea what anyone is talking about! I've only ever heard of compliments surrounding glass toys. There is the potential that when they first entered the industry people were skeptical about them breaking, but society has progressed far past this point and so has their pleasure!

These dildos are the equivalent of taking the material from the strongest oven dish you have ever seen and moulding it into a phallus. Hypoallergenic glass I believe it's called! This material is one of the safest and most hygienic materials you will come across. Firstly, they're non-porous meaning NO bacteria can harbour within the material even after cleaning. Users who keep proper care of their dildo will not have to worry about any pesky infections coming from their toy. Good care will also make the toy last a lifetime.

The one advantage that other materials have over glass toys is flexibility. This usually refers to silicone, which is the only flexible material that can match glass in terms of hygiene. This is why most premium brands exclusively use silicone to cover their toys. See '8 of the Best-Selling Silicone Sex Toys' if you're interested. Further, silicone or realistic dildos can pair with a dildo strap. So, if you desire strap-on then glass dildos are not for you.

Although they are not flexible, they do come in many delicious designs that can meet your sensual specifics. Whether it's vaginal penetration, g-spot stimulation or prostate massage, glass dildos will be there to satisfy!

Finally, if you're looking for some more spicy variation, glass is great for temperature play. Temperature play is used to create additional sensations upon insertion and the use of the toy. This is usually achieved through submerging the toy in cold or hot water before use. However, remember to discuss with your partner how hot or cold they are willing to go. Also, if you’re using water-based lubricant, it may dry up quicker if the dildo is hot!

Let's begin with a stock standard. The All In Glass Dildo! The shaft does have slight graduating bulbs. The girth doesn’t become that much bigger, making this dildo beginner friendly.

One beginner's review was: "I personally have never had anal so I have not used it for its desired purpose but it certainly does the job as a regular dildo. I have never actually purchased a glass sex toy because of the fear of the glass breaking but after receiving this product, I'd recommend that everyone tries a glass toy at least once."

The Glass Beaded Massager No.66 is an example of the craftsmanship glass massagers can feature. Just picking up this thing will get you feeling frisky. The design of this massager is similar to that of an anal bead. The idea is that as you insert the toy or release it, the beads provide awesome sensation. This massager is curved so that it stimulates the g-spot in females or p-spot (prostate) in males.

"The size of this toy is still perfectly suitable for beginners and can be an easy way to introduce new sensations. One review was “The blue/black glass looks amazing, you're not going to see it much, but it's an undeniably sexy toy. A good place to start for a newbie, or as a warm-up for further fun. Now, do they do it in twice the size?"

If sex was a test, this would be the toy to pass with flying colours. The Bobbie Glass Dildo! This is the true treasure at the end of the rainbow. If you look closely this toy is coated in bumps. The purpose of these bumps is to provide additional stimulation during use. A great dildo for those who are equally frisky and fashion forward. Look good, feel good!

Pretty in pink! Look at the detail they're squeezing into these things! Generally, the more features and patterns that are included on a dildo. The more potential pleasure you can expect! The Glass Massager No. 7 will leave you speechless in pleasure.

"I have always wanted to purchase a glass toy and was happy with this product when it arrived. The colour of the bumps is a lot lighter pink almost opaque but i think it makes it look a lot more elegant. Amazing quality and generally a well worth it product for the price. Helpful it's easy to clean and can be heated or cooled. Every girl needs one of these, if only you could display it, it's so pretty!"

Time for the golden finale! The Icicles Gold Edition range is as sophisticated as sensual insertions can get. The curve and tapered tip of the Massager G01 is made for g-spot or p-spot stimulation. While the ergonomic hook is featured for easy handling and to make sure the dildo does not slip to unwanted depths. This is especially important for any small dildo!


Remember to accompany the use of any dildo with lubricant. For beginners, the more the merrier is a good rule to ensure safety. There are a few variations that need to be considered when choosing a lubricant.

Water-based lubricant is the easiest to use in terms of clean up afterwards. However, it is the quickest to dry up and may require another application within one session. Oil-based lubricant is the longest lasting, but will breakdown most condoms. Therefore, this isn't recommended. With glass toys, silicone lubricant is the best because it is long lasting, condom safe and work very well in water. If wondering why some people cover their sex toys in condoms read 'Why do people put condoms on their sex toys?'

Checkout Adulttoymegastore's entire range of glass dildos here!

Video sourced from Super Deluxe

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