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Orin's review of Fleshlight girls stoya lotus

Content Producer
Wow this is amazing. 4 Stars.
An afternoon with Stoya

I've tried a few Fleshlights at this point and I have to say that the Stoya Lotus was a welcome change to my Fleshlight experience. I have to acknowledge that when I'm hard and pleased I'm not that hard too please. However from my experience with the Stoya, I've learnt that using a Fleshlight can be a bit deeper than simply joyful friction.

The Lotus texture within the Stoya is a classic. It's present within a few Fleshlights such as Tori Black or Misty Stone. So if you're thinking of buying a lotus texture, be sure to get your favourite adult performer, but remember that the inner workings will be the same.

stoya 3 The pink cardboard on the side, is a Fleshlight stand. A sort of naughty cup holder.

This was my first time experiencing with a lotus texture. I found my first use really a enjoyable experience, but upon second trial I would say that I enjoyed a little bit less. Still had a great time! But, just a little bit less than the first time. Here's why! From the knowledge invested in me I would support the claim that the lotus texture is the most realistic feeling Fleshlight.

During my first go, It was immediately noticeable how realistic this Fleshlight was. It was a refreshing change to other textures such as the Alexis Texas Signature (see my review here!). I found myself taking my time and enjoying how similar this felt to the real thing. However, I would say that the majority of the time, I'm not looking for something that is going to make me want to slow down and enjoy the moment. Instead I'm looking for something that's going to be reasonably quick and feels incredible! Which I think can be better achieved with other textures, such as the aforementioned Alexis Texas, or any other textures specific to other pornstars. I'm not saying that the firecracker experience can't be achieved with the lotus, it definitely can! However, others are a little bit better at producing that super intense orgasm you may aswell have if you can. Whenever I have a craving or the time to slow down, maybe on another lazy sunday, I'll sub the Stoya Lotus off the bench.

On the other hand, or on the same hand. The other parts aspects of the Fleshlight were all perfect. The entrance was nice and tight, the provided Fleshlube done it's job with ease and grace. The grip or units that Fleshlight's come in are always great to control speed and motion.

Cleaning was a breeze! Simply took it into the shower afterwards, gave it a quick rinse, a blast of sex toy cleaner and set it to dry in my sunless room...

stoya 2 Cheers!

The Stoya Lotus definitely lived upto it's status as a classic. It's hard to go wrong with the Fleshlight range. But a classic is all it is, like having cornflakes or toast in the morning. It's a standard, not a favourite.

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Aleesha, Pukekohe
26th June 2022
rating 4.0
Verified Purchaser
The toy was bomb AF and did the job
Waereti Violet , Whakatane
26th June 2022
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
I have now ordered multiple items off asulttoymegastore , deliveries are always speedy and discret which I love cause ya know i don't want ppl all up in my business , unless it's that type of business haha . In my last order they even inclksed an Edyta free item along with the green item I added to my delivery. Nothing has ever arrived broken in any way and items are always securely packaged , would 10/10 recommend
Michael, Tauranga
25th June 2022
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
Awesome service and very prompt delivery 👍
Jenni, Cromwell
22nd June 2022
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
Discreet packages, fast delivery. Great quality products which are very satisfying. My partner and I are very happy with your service. Makes sexy time SO much fun. Thank you
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