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Ashley's review of Pivot by wevibe

Ashley Snow
Customer service superstar
Such a cool concept! Just wish the name wasn't as literal!
"Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!"

Since I currently own a couple of We-Vibe products already, I already knew that the quality of the Pivot was going to be something that looks and feels like it is worth its price tag. This cock ring has super soft silicone, and similar to other We-Vibe products, is app-controlled. While the ability to control the product via an app is an interesting and relatively unique concept, I won’t lie and say that it is something we have actually used outside of simply testing out the app and its ability to control the vibrations of the Pivot.

The physical cock ring is both stretchy and secure when initially worn, and as with all cock rings, lube is recommended to aid application. The strap on the Pivot isn’t adjustable so it would pay to make sure the sizing will be suitable for the wearer. The ‘on’ button for the Pivot is located at the head of the vibe, and is relatively easy to operate if you want to click through the different settings physically, rather than using the app. Honestly, if you have just used lube to apply to cock ring, the last thing you want to touch is your phone..

Pivot 1

The vibe part of the Pivot is relatively bulky, due to the technology inside and when worn during any position that the wearer is physically moving, the name Pivot is very apt! While the intermittent clitoral stimulation of a cock ring isn’t really my thing, the Pivot failed to stay in place long enough to provide the smallest, tiniest bit of clitoral stimulation – it was more beneficial as a testicular stimulator instead! Even with minimal lube, it just wouldn’t stay upright!

Pivot 2

However, if you switch up the positions so that the wearer doesn’t move nearly as much, then the Pivot can provide enough of its intended clitoral stimulation to be pleasant and maybe even enjoyable! As far as the vibrations the Pivot provides, it is similar to the deep rumbly vibrations you would find with another We-Vibe product; the Tango, which is a favourite of mine so it gets the thumbs up from me in that aspect!

While the concept and the quality of the Pivot are great, the execution lets the product down. It will most likely be retired to the back-up position of the Tango on the off-chance that the Tango’s battery runs out mid-use.

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