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Next time you're getting hot and heavy add some lube and reduce that friction with the best personal lubricants for sex, foreplay and masturbation. Tingle, warm and enhance your way to a better, wetter experience.



Reduce friction and get set to get wet with the best personal lubricants for sex, foreplay and masturbation.

Wetter is always better, so grab some lube from our huge selection and slather up generously next time you’re getting hot and heavy.

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Mood Glide Tingling
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Durex 2 in 1 Massage Lubricant
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Lubricant Articles
Feeling like you require some extra erogenous essence. Look no further! Here are all the flavoured lubricants you'll ever need! . Expand article.

Adding a bit of flavoured lube to your sex life is a simple yet game changing addition. What's so awesome is that it shows your passionate about giving some oral sex. When your partner has had a frustrating day, claiming that nothing could fix their mood. Embrace them with a kiss, comfort then with a cuddle and finish with some flavoured cunnilingus, stress gone! Flavoured lubricant is so positive because of what it suggests, you want to give your partner pleasure, you're passionate about it! The pleasure is always better when it's shared, they're having an orgasm and you're enjoying a tasty treat. Everybody wins! Anyway, the fact is, when you gaze upon the table spreads every morning and see the lubricant settled in the pantry. It gives you something to look forward to.

Also, for any couples who have are a bit hesitant to incorporate sex toys in their lives. This may be due to feeling a bit intimidated or worried about sex toys affecting intimacy. With flavoured lube, the act of sex is not going to change at all. However, it may become a bit more passionate, energetic or loud. Your tongue won't fatigue as quickly when it’s enjoying itself. Flavoured lube is also perfect for couples who want to keep things reasonably vanilla. Comfort in sex is essential!

Anyway... Here is a selection of sexy seasonings for some erogenous flavour!

Are we having oral sex or a picnic? This Blueberry Muffin Oral Delight Cream mixes the two. Get outdoors with this cream. Throw it in a basket and enjoy some satisfaction and gentle breeze between your legs.

Introducing the System Jo H20 Raspberry Lubricant. Giving someone a raspberry refers to creating a rude noise with your lips. Either the sound of a practical joke or in a more adult context, the sound of vibrant oral sex!

The default flavours for lubricants derive from fruit. Which is welcoming but frankly can become quite boring. Especially if you're on a diet, oral sex is an exception for some extra sugar. Therefore, it's so refreshing to experience this Cinnamon Bun Lubricant from Wicked Aqua. A perfect substitute for the cinnamon bun that you beamed at in the supermarket yet regrettably refrained from!

Limited Edition Cookies & Cream! Or in this case you're already consuming a cookie, so maybe just additional cream. Lip smacking and mouth wateringly good, this lube makes oral sex a sensual snack.

Cherry flavour was bound to come up somewhere. Popping a cherry, eating a cherry flavoured cherry. I guess the pun was too good to pass up. However, let's not forget the fact that the flavour is fantastic. Fun fact: women typically need about twenty minutes to become fully aroused. So, take your time, with this Flavour's Popp'n lubricant before bringing her to the big O! This lubricant also provides an additional warming sensation!

God they are getting interesting with these flavours. Mojito! An awesome drink to indulge in beforehand and after. Imagine the aroma of minty lime with a splash of white rum filling the room. The atmosphere will seduce you and make your partner going downstairs even more enjoyable.

This Mini Moist Kiwi is a super affordable option. Therefore, it's great for anyone who is unsure whether they will enjoy flavoured lube. This won't break the bank and will still greatly enhance the experience. However, I would say it's not the best representation of using a flavoured lube, just a slight indication of how good it could be.


Flavoured lubes come in great for blowjobs or cunnilingus and they're of course going to make penetration more comfortable. Flavoured lube can sometimes get a bad rap when using them to assist penetration. This is because many water-based lubricants contain glycerin, which can increase the likelihood of receiving a pesky UTI, yeast infections. This is only without proper hygiene; therefore, it's recommended to have a shower after using a flavoured lube to ensure body safety. If you're really worried, just limit its use to better oral sex!

Sexual communication is key! Always ask whether your partner is okay with using a lube before proceeding. Also, take of what their favourite flavours are if you're purchasing it as a surprise.

Checkout Adulttoymegastore's entire range of lubricant, including flavoured, water based or additional sensation.

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By 4 days ago
Posted in Sex Toy Guides
Yes, even in the bedroom you may run into some allergies. Here's how to identify any issues and hopefully solve them!. Expand article.

An allergic reaction during sex can be super frustrating and obviously a bedroom buzzkill. So it's important to identify what exactly is causing the reaction and what sort of reaction your experiencing. Firstly, remember that you can't be allergic to the experience of sex itself! A very depressing conclusion that some may jump to. Solving an allergy usually either involves finding a product with alternative ingredients or simply removing something from sex.

The other possibility is that pain or discomfort during sex could be the sign of a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or an annoying yeast infection. If you have a hunch that this could be the case, then visit your doctor right away to hopefully rule this out!

Even if you are only recognising very slight pain or a slight itching sensation, it's still worth investigating further. Many allergies will actually build up and become worse over time.

Pain or itching during protected sex

Although a latex allergy is the most common case, you could be allergic to a lubricant within a condom. This will usually be a reaction from a certain ingredient within a condom. Ask yourself whether you've used different condoms in the past that worked fine. It may prove difficult to pinpoint exactly what is causing the reaction without the help of a professional. Alternatively, during the meantime your best bet will be to try some non-latex, natural or water-based condoms.

If you've been covering your sex toy in a condom, then there's another possibility your allergy is coming from the sex toy. This will usually be from the plastic that surrounds older sex toys. Many sex toys now use premium grade silicone to ensure body safety. This material is further popular because it is so popular to use.

Burning sensation

Planning on burning some sexual midnight oil but you're literally feeling some unwanted burning with things. People may describe a burning sensation in many ways, but if the use of a condom or lubricant causes any itching, irritation, redness, strange tingling or swelling than stop using that product immediately and look for an alternative. Try to avoid lubricants containing glycerin and glycerol!

Additional sensation lubricants providing additional problems?

Many couples turn to additional sensation lubricant as a comfortable way of incorporating new sensations in the bedroom. However, the extra warming or cooling effects are only possible by including alcohol or glycol. If you've just incorporated a new lube into your life and are experiencing some unwanted tingling or pain, then either return to a standard lubricant. Other ways to spice things can be through trying some organic,vegan or flavoured lube!

Experiencing vaginal drought

So you've been applying lotions or lubricants to make things more wet, so it might seem strange the opposite is occuring. Always read the ingredients to avoid any unwanted irritation down there! Glycerin and alcohols are common culprits in producing vaginal dryness. Although there are plenty of other reasons you may be a bit dry down there, this may be a by product of a form of medication, a different health issue or maybe your partner just needs to up their foreplay game!

Your lubricant contains tree nuts

Lubricants are also created for those who are purchase conscious or prefer to keep things as natural as possible. This is referring to organic or vegan lubricant. Unfortunately these products have also meant new allergies have now been felt within the bedroom. The positive thing is that these allergies are rather common and you will probably know right away what the problem is from experiencing a previous reaction during eating. Common examples are either coconut or almond oil. Organic lubricants have plenty of variety, so look for one with other substitute ingredients.

That dairy allergy is even affecting your sex life...

Casein is a major ingredient in cheese and is lightly featured in some condoms and lubricants. This is an uncommon reaction, but is still worth considering. Most people who have a dairy allergy are very aware of dairy ingredients. So be cautious and check the ingredients of any condom or lubricant you're interested in.


If you investigate any of these tips and find that you are still experiencing any unwanted reactions, see a doctor as soon as possible. Seeing a doctor is basically recommended whether you are confident on solving the problem or not. This is the quickest method to returning back to a satisfying sex life!

See Adulttoymegastore's range of water-based, vegan and organic lubricant!

At least you're not this guy!

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By 14 days ago
Posted in Sexual Health
Wondering when you should oil based lubricant? Here's all you need to know!. Expand article.

Oil based are a pretty underrated form of lubricant and aren't discussed very much compared to water-based or silicone lube. This is mainly because other lubricants are recommended to use with sex toys. Even though oil-based can be used with sex toys, it is better for creating some incredibly personal and intimate moments with yourself or within a relationship.

Oil based lubricants such as this Elbow Grease Original are thicker than your average lubricant, but still luxuriously silky.

Not needing to use a condom

Firstly, oil-based lubed are not compatible with latex condoms, or anything that's latex. Basically the ingredients react badly and either make the condom porous, meaning that the condom can harbour bacteria or cause the condom to completely break. They are safe however to use with less common polyurethane condoms! Otherwise ensure everyone has their sexual health in check, no pesky yeast infections or anything. Have alternative pregnancy preventers available, unless you're wanting to make a baby, burn that midnight oil!

Sex or a massage, why not both?

Oil based represents double pleasure. Either you can use it for sexy time, or a massage. Foreplay is so important, so begin with a loving massage to release some muscle tension whilst building some sexual tension! A dash of oil will greatly reduce the friction and will prove you don't need to be a masseuse to provide a relaxing massage. This is a big difference between water-based lubricant for example, water-based lubricant is usually a bit colder, cold lube for a massage, no thank you!

Planning some marathon loving?

If you're planning a particularly long sensual session and either want to ensure everything stays well lubed or reapplying lube sounds like a buzzkill. Oil based lube is perfect because it is so long lasting.

Upgrading a hand job

Treating your man to a handy? A happy ending after a massage? Remember oil based lube goes a long way. Quickly squirting some lubricant onto your hands may not just be an exciting surprise but will feel amazing. Even though a handjob is typically associated with men, woman will enjoy a helping hand as well! Lubricant can help reduce over stimulation during early stages of clitoral contact. Further, it can double as protection for intimate tissue.

Prepared for extra cleaning

Be prepare for the potential of a bit more cleaning than usual. Generally oil based lubricant is known as a lube that may require some extra cleaning compared to water-based or silicone lubricant. However, new oil-based lubricants such as Boy Butter Fresca only require some water to wash off.

So be intelligent about your intimate moments, unlike other lubricants where you should be extra generous to ensure safety! Oil-based is the gift that keeps on giving, so a little bit is probably fine, especially if only using it for a handjob or massage. If any sheet staining occurs, don't throw your sheets in the dryer! Lubricant stains are similar to grease stains. Therefore, some dishwashing soap or anything that cuts grease will do.

Wanting a natural feel

Oil based lube isn't as pure as organic or water-water based lube. But will feel more legitimate than silicone. Some couples whose lube drawer is abundant like to mix some water-based lube in to create a more natural feel.

For the best water-based lubricants read - 5 of the Best Water-based Lubricants


Unlike other sex toys or arousing additions. Lubricant can be a welcome surprise, especially if you're about to receive a massage. Discussion around it's inclusion doesn't need to be so clear, but knowing it's on the cards is good practice.

If you experience any burning, itching, redness or pain after coming in contact with lubricant. Then stop play immediately! It's very possible that you are allergic to a certain ingredient within the product. This doesn't mean your lubing days are over. Once you've identified the specific ingredient, begin the search for an alternative lubricant and have another go.

See Adulttoymegastore's full range of lubricant, including oil-based, silicone, water-based and organic lubricant.

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By 19 days ago
Posted in Sexual Health
How to choose a lubricant
Keep sex toy use, foreplay, sex and masturbation slippery, sensual and sensational with personal lubricant!

Even if you think your, or your partner's body does a good enough job of self-lubrication, wetter is always better. That's because lubricant makes sex more pleasurable by reducing friction and letting things slide in and out with ease, to keep your adult fun sensual and comfortable – the way it should be!

Personal lubricant is a must when using sex toys, such as dildos, vibrators, male masturbators and anal toys, because it helps the toy to slide into your body with ease, which equals more comfort and pleasure.

What is the best lubricant to use with sex toys?
The lubricant you use with your toys needs to be compatible with the material your sex toy is made from. Silicone lubricant is not recommended for use with silicone sex toys as it reacts and can decrease the life-span of your toys. Oil lubricant is also not suitable for use with porous sex toys.

Water-Based Lubricant is the top lubricant choice for the use with sex toys. If you're ever in doubt, water-based lubricant is suitable for use with all sex toys and is always a safe bet.

What is the best lubricant for anal play?
We recommend Anal Lubricant for anal play and anal sex, as the consistency of anal lube is much thicker than that of ordinary lubes. This extra thickness helps protect the sensitive skin of the anus and many also offer a numbing and moisturizing effect too. Anal Lube or Silicone Lube are best suited for anal sex.

What is the best lubricant for vaginal sex?
When it comes to lubricating the vagina in preparation for sex, Water-Based Lube, Silicone Lube or Organic Lubricant are all great options to keep things sleek, slippery and well lubricated. They are also safe lubricants to use with condoms.

What is the best lubricant for masturbation?
For lubricant suited specifically for masturbation purposes, Masturbation Lubricant, Water-Based Lube, or Silicone Lube are the best kinds. Simply smear the smooth lube over the penis and enjoy the slick, pleasurable strokes. Women can use whichever lubricant they prefer to enhance their natural lubrication while they masturbate.

What is the best lubricant for adding sensation to foreplay?
To add extra sensuality to foreplay, try Warming or Cooling Lubricant, Female Arousal Gels or Clitoral Gels. To decrease sensation, such as for anal sex, try a Delay Spray or desensitizing cream. To add extra flavour to foreplay and oral sex, use a flavoured lubricant to stimulate the senses and indulge the taste buds.

Is it safe to use lubricant with condoms?
For the most part, yes it is safe to use lubricant with condoms. All water-based, silicone and flavored lubricants are 100% safe for use with condoms. The only exception is oil-based lubricant which can degrade the latex of condoms. The product description will outline whether the lubricant ingredients are compatible with condoms or not.

Do you need more information about lubricant?
Contact us via phone or email, or read our lubricant guide Everything you need to know about lubricants to find out more.