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ATMS Endorses Hihi for NZ’s Bird of the Year 2021

The team at Adulttoymegastore is proud to endorse our beautiful Hihi bird (Stitchbird) for New Zealand’s Bird of the Year competition for the second consecutive year and we need your vote!

The team at Adulttoymegastore is proud to endorse our beautiful Hihi bird (Stitchbird) for New Zealand’s Bird of the Year competition for the second consecutive year and we need your vote!

The annual Bird of the Year competition run by Forest & Bird (18-31 October 2021) is an important campaign that raises awareness of, and money for, endangered bird life in New Zealand. Unfortunately, many native birds in Aotearoa didn’t cope well with the arrival of humans, habitat changes and pests that they brought, so many are in dire need of help.

That’s why we’re supporting the competition by endorsing the Hihi bird again. Last year, despite our efforts of campaigning for the Hihi, the kākāpō was crowned Bird of the Year. Although the kākāpō was a well deserving winner, we think this year is Hihi’s time to shine.

Our Hihi is one of New Zealand’s rarest birds and is in serious trouble. Females are drab olive, and males brightly coloured with black heads. They have a curved bill and a long tongue that is used to reach deeply into flowers to brush nectar to eat, and a high-pitched ‘zit tzit’ whistle. They are the only bird in the world to mate face-to-face and are polyamorous, making them unique in the bird world and a sex-positive inspiration for us all! (Providing their sexual encounters are consensual, of course).

Hihi can be found in conventional pairings or in breeding groups, and the group may consist of one male and several females, or in some cases one female may have several male partners. According to New Zealand Birds Online, the Stitchbird has a “complex and unusual breeding system that includes pair and group nesting as well as promiscuity,” using a “variety of mating positions and strategies that, when considered together, are unique in the bird world.”

On top of this, male Hihi have the largest testicles in the bird world! In fact, their testes are four times larger than they should be (bird testes are internal). This is because they need to produce large amounts of sperm to dilute that of other males due to their unique polyamorous mating system.

Therefore, the Hihi is the sex-positive polyamorous idol of the bird world with the biggest balls to boot! In hopes of a more sex-positive culture and the protection of our native wildlife, we are proud to back Hihi in the Bird of the Year election and we’d appreciate your support. Voting is open from 18-31 October this year and you can place your vote here.

Does Hihi have your vote?

Vote for Hihi here.

Please also consider making a donation to Forest & Bird to protect our Hihi and native wildlife!

Donate to Forest & Bird here.

Online Silent Charity Auction

We are hosting a charity auction to fundraise for Forest & Bird! The auctions close on Sunday 31 October. Place your bids here and grab yourself a great deal!

Thanks for your support!


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Guest, Kaikohe
29th June 2022
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Quick delivery and great selection
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29th June 2022
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Great service with speedy delivery and discreet packaging.
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29th June 2022
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Great products, good customer service and quick delivery. Happy to shop again AAA+
Kelyn, Hamilton
28th June 2022
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Very quick and very, very discreet, with a cheeky little card included in my package from the person who packed it that made me smile. Everything you'd ever want from an adult store.
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