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Increase your sexual stamina, libido and intimacy while spicing up your sex life with the best adult toys at the lowest prices. We have adult toys for every occasion, pleasure zone and experience level!

Adult ToysAdult Toys

Adult Toys

Shop adult toys for every sexy occasion, pleasure zone and experience level!

Enhance sex and masturbation, increase sexual stamina, libido, intimacy, and spice up your sex life with the best adult toys at the lowest prices.

Make good sex,

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Bullet Vibrator
PDX Fill Her Up Masturbator
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Basix 6 Inch Suction Cup Dildo
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OVO L1 Loveballs
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WEvibe Sync Couples Vibrator
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Royal Rabbit Vibrator Kit
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Orgasm Clit Vibrator sex toy
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Black Anal Beads
4 Colours
Trinity Anal Trainer Set
17% Off
OVO E6 Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator
2 Colours
54% Off
2 Colours
78% Off
3 Colours
Uberlube Luxury Lubricant 50ml
29% Off
WeVibe Sync Purple
21% Off
42% Off
Ombra Vibrating Wand
2 Colours
Pleasure Bulletz Silver Bullet
4 Colours
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Duo Balls Silver Plastic Boxed
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Micro Butterfly Stimulator
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Finger Vibrator
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Adult Toy Articles
Start your journey as Mr and Mrs off right with this selection of sex toys, perfect for newlyweds!. Expand article.

5 Adult Toys for your Wedding Night

Wedding bells are ringing, and there's clearly reason to celebrate! Your wedding night is often hyped up to be the sexiest night of your life, full of love, lust, and excitement. And while you've got your whole life to try out new things and get a little freaky in the sheets, there's nothing better than ending The Big Day with a little bit of love!

Studies have proven that having sex can help a lot of couple's connect on a new level, and retain intimacy that is so important to a relationship. Plus, sex can dramatically improve your mental and physical health, helping to brighten your mood and release happy endorphins in the body. While you're probably already riding a high from the wedding excitement (or a few too many flutes of champagne), it's your first night as a married couple, and first chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the day's festivities. So enjoy yourself!

Start your journey as Mr and Mrs off right with this selection of sex toys, perfect for newlyweds!

Cock Ring

Looking for something easy that won’t get in the way too much? If you’re new to the big wide world of sex toys, then a cock ring might be the perfect addition to your wedding checklist!

The Fantasy C-Ringz cock ring is the ultimate couple's toy, perfect for stimulating both partners to provide ultimate pleasure! The tight, yet comfy, ring helps him achieve thick and long-lasting erections, while the waterproof bullet vibe provides direct power to her erogenous zones. Cock rings are a perfect introductory toy, as they won't get in the way of your favourite sex positions, but will simply enhance them!


Really spice things up with the Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Bondage Kit! This is the perfect way to tease your lover, and an ideal way to end your day of love!

The kit comes complete with a beaded whip, feather tickler, cat-o-nine tails, furry cuffs and a satin love mask – everything you need for a night of fun! Seduce your partner and tantalise their senses with the sleek blindfold, restrict their hands or feet with the comfortable furry cuffs, or run the feather tickler up and down their body. The options are endless!

If your wedding day is set to be your first day of bondage exploration, make sure you have some clear boundaries and rules set to keep everything fun and safe.


The Bodywand massager is the perfect all-rounder, designed with a flexible neck to reach all angles effortlessly. This vibrator is ideal for a full body massage, with dozens of attachments that you can swap out for new sensations and vibrations for any occasion. Its pleasurable dozen is best fit for a couple, as you'll be able to try out all sorts of new things with a helping hand.

Massage away the stress of the wedding before you get down to business!


Investing in a quality, top of the line lube, might just be the best thing you've ever done for your sex life. Lubricant can help enhance sex in ways you wouldn't ever expect – it'll ease any pain or discomfort, keep everything slippery and smooth, and enhance your pleasure in every way!

Uberlube is known around the world as one of the most premium and luxury lubes. Its formula is scentless, tasteless, never sticky, non-staining and incredibly long-lasting, meaning it’s pretty much the lube of all lubes! Just make sure you have plenty stocked up for your honeymoon – trust me, you’ll need it…

Couple's Vibrator

It's your wedding day! You deserve to splash out a little (or a lot). The Lelo Tiani 24K Couple’s Vibrator is a luxurious couple's toy, designed to make every sexual encounter memorable bliss. This vibrator is a little different to most, in that it is designed to be worn during heterosexual penetrative sex without getting in the way. This creates the most unique and enhancing experience, perfect if you don’t want to compromise your usual routine, but are just wanting to add a little extra something.

If you're looking to add the final touch and make your day even more memorable, look no further!

Ready, set

If it's your first time trying out something a little different in your relationship, remember to keep things slow and steady – it's not a race! Make sure you are both totally involved in the process and enjoying every step, to ensure full communication and satisfaction for both of you. Your wedding day should be one you'll reminisce on for years to come. And remember, this is just the beginning! You have plenty of years left to enjoy each other’s company and test out some new toys.

Adulttoymegastore has a huge range of sex toys for any need, desire, or occasion. With fast shipping, price guarantee, and friendly customer service, you'll find everything you need in one spot! Check out our range of toys including vibrators, dildos and cock rings!

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By 21 hours ago
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Adult Toys
For those satisfyingly lazy mornings you need to keep your sanity. . Expand article.

This article goes out to all the homebodies out there. Those who schedule in days to do absolutely nothing, sleeping in, staring at the wall, eating unhealthy food and then staring at the ceiling. It's even more perfect if it's raining, you feel less guilty about dwindling away your finite time here on earth, huddled up under the covers. Those mornings when you wake up feeling as heavy as a metallic bull covered in suction cup dildos, you feel tired from sleep itself! Naturally, you have to sleep more, right?

In a graciously underwhelming cyclone of Netflix, Friday nights leftovers, social media scrolling and sleep. Eventually something in your brain switches on and you feel the most energetic you’ve felt all morning. The familiar feeling of arousal lingers into your brain and soon enough, it's consumed your entire mind, body and sensual soul. For the time being, there is no past or future, you're so consumed by lust that you can't even imagine the inevitable uber eats order ahead. For the sake of humankind and progression towards a brighter future, you require sexual satisfaction to even think straight. The crescendo of your lazy Saturday morning is an orgasm and the rest of the weekend, is well and truly your oyster.

I hope that was relatable, even if it's just the sleeping part. If you are that peacefully pleasurable person who loves nothing more than cancelling plans. There's no need to feel guilty about lazing around on your days off. You deserve to relax just as much as you deserve sexual satisfaction! Orgasms are proven to lower stress, better sleep and boost your immune system. So, invest time in yourself with any these 5 sex toys perfect for a lazy morning.

1. Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

Cannot go wrong, simply cannot go wrong with the clit sucking brilliance of the Satisfyer range. The sort of toy that will knock your bed socks off, put them back on and take them off again in the space of a few minutes. The Pro 2 Next Generation is known for how quickly it can provide orgasms. Because of the pressure wave stimulation, the clitoris does not become overly stimulated and doesn't feel the numbing that traditional vibrators may cause. Opening up the possibility of multiple orgasms, if you've got the time that is.

2. Fleshlights

A premium and an imperative in male masturbation pleasure. The Fleshlight range features masturbation sleeves featured from all your favourite pornstars. Two popular picks are the Alexis Texas Signature or Riley Reid Euphoria. For the ultimate experience, hit that incognito mode and well... the rest isn't browsing history.

3. We-vibe Sync Couples Vibrator

Lounging around on the couch with your partner. All that cuddling turns to kissing and then kissing turns to passionate sex. The We-vibe Sync is an awesome and comfortable way to take penetrative sex to the next level. The Sync is so popular because it can be worn during penetration, giving additional g-spot and clitoral stimulation. This is especially useful for couples who want to consistently experience shared orgasms.

4. Liberator Wedge

Great for propping yourself on during sex or propping yourself up when binge watching a movie (put it underneath the softer pillows). The Liberator is all about finding the best angles possible for your everyday positions, allowing you to maximise the most pleasurable penetration angles. Elevating her hips more effectively stimulates her g-spot and makes giving oral sex easier for him, especially if he experiences neck pain. Further, position enhancers are all about providing support, many of those who have back problems use position enhancers to keep their sex life alive during recovery. Place it back amongst the pillows during a post sex cuddle.

5. Bodywand Original Massager

If you're using this, this is going to take up a large chunk of your morning. Featuring a control dial, anyone will find the perfect intensity to meet their sensual specifics. Users say it's best to lay a towel down before using!


Adulttoymegastore is an online adult shop that emphasises customer privacy. All of our adult products are delivered in discreet plain packaging to ensure customer privacy. For more information about our pleasurable products or sex shop in general, don't hesitate to contact our customer service team.

See Adulttoymegastore's entire range of sex toys online, including vibrators, dildos, cock rings and anal toys at a price guarantee.

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By 8 days ago
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Adult Toys
The symbol of love has been incorporated into your favourite adult toys! . Expand article.

Ahhh February the 14th. Romantic celebration is in the air! It's still early in the year, new year's festivities feel like a distant echo and we are back into the swing of everyday life. The holiday is timely, encouraging us to stay connected with our loved ones during a relatively hectic time. Reminding us to not tunnel vision too hard on our personal goals and invest in intimate relationships within our life.

Everyone has different ideas of what Valentine's day is. Chocolates and roses, candle lit dinners, cocktails, silicone lube and anal toys. An awesome part of Valentine's Day is of course the finale. Afternoons of intimacy are great for slowly building foreplay. Valentine’s might be the most memorable sex you'll have all year! Here's 10 adult toys that will spice things up even more!

Butt Plugs

Cupid's arrow has hit you where the sun doesn't shine and of course, the fletching is heart shaped and diamond encrusted. There's two pleasurable products fit for some backdoor Valentines beauty. This Diogol Annr R Heart ot Chrome Butt Plug With Lavender are a perfect treat for someone who is equally frisky and fashion forward. Remember that anal play requires thorough communication and lubricant. The above plugs are both metal, therefore silicone lube is recommended.

Cock Rings

Nothing says romance like a heart adorning penis. Cock rings strengthen erection and prolong orgasm, helping couples save each sensuous movement. Vibrating couples in particular are perfect for couples, providing additional clitoral stimulation with each thrust. This Heart On Vibrating Silicone Cock Ring is simply shaped like a heart while this Wonderland C-ring features a clit loving tip.

Sex Furniture

You'll be surprised about how much of a difference a piece of sex furniture can make! Sex furniture does not only increase pleasure, but also provides a lot of body support. Back problems can seriously stunt a sex life. The solution, sex furniture!

This Liberator Heart Wedge enhances a range of positions. The Heart Wedge is all about providing the best angles for penetration and g-spot stimulation. It's also a really inconspicuous piece and can be placed on your bed as a decorative pillow!


Valentines is a great opportunity to indulge in desires that sit on the kinkier side of the spectrum. When engaging in alternative sex acts with your partner, the key is in finding a balance that keeps both partners comfortable. Assuming that one partner is kinkier than the other. Being open to your partners is a fantastic way to reinforce intimacy and communication in a relationship. Giving things helps you realise whether something is something you enjoy doing or only like the idea of. Sometimes things are better left as a fantasy!

Leave a passionate mark on your partner for Valentines! Riding crops aren't just for spanking, they can be ran across your partners body to build anticipation. Sharp stinging sensations is what crops are all about, this can be varied depending on how much surface area you incorporate.

If you're a beginner with using any toy for spanking, read: 'The Best Places to Spank With a Whip or Flogger Sex Toy.' It's recommended to practice any spanking technique on a pillow. The more accurate someone is, the safer play is.

Nipple Tassels

Never underestimate the power of visual arousal. Tassels are a classic in the art of seduction, originally made so that show girls could get almost naked without breaking any indecency laws. Before putting any tassels on, make sure your skin is free of any oils or moisturizer. For some erogenous elegance, these Heart Shaped Rhinestone Pasties are recommended. Otherwise, if you're looking to mesmerise with each sensuous swing, try these Nipple Tassles from Touche.

Ensure you discuss the use of any adult toy before using with your partner. This is an essential part of a pleasurable adult sex life. Each partner should understand what the toy is used for and how to use it. Although it might kill the surprise, scrolling our sex shop together will ensure both partners know what to expect. This will not only make the use of any toy more pleasurable, but will enhance the overall intimacy of your sex life.

Adulttoymegastore is an online adult shop that ensures customer privacy. All adult products are delivered in discreet plain packaging. For full information on our delivery process, read our shipping information page or contact our customer service team.

See Adulttoymegastore's entire range of sex toys online, including butt plugs, sex furniture, vibrators, dildos and cock rings at a price guarantee.

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By 13 days ago
Posted in Sex Toy Guides
Adult Toys

How to choose adult toys

Buy adult toys from one of the best and biggest ranges of adult products in the world, right here! We stock more than 14,000 different adult toys, so you can always find something to tickle your fancy and satisfy all your adult needs right here on this very page. If you need help choosing and buying an adult toy, this guide will assist you to make an informed decision.

What are Adult Toys?

Adult toys are "toys for adults," which are devices designed to be used during sexual activity to enhance pleasure. Also known as sex toys, sex aids or sex gear, adult toys cover any product of adult nature that is used to enhance sex, masturbation or foreplay. They can achieve this through penetration, vibration, suction, tingling, tugging, teasing, and more. They're called adult toys because they provide fun for adults!

The main types of adult toys available include vibrators, dildos, anal toys, bondage toys and lubricant, but adult toy types don't stop there. Much of the time, they can be categorized into couples toys, women's toys, and men's toys, all of which vary greatly in appearance, use, features, functions and feeling.

In order to choose the best adult toy for you, first decide what you'd like to stimulate.

What are the best adult toys for couples?

When it comes to the best adult toys for couples, it depends entirely on the sexual preferences of the couple. Couples' toys include anal adult toys, couples vibrators, cock rings, strap-on adult toys, sex furniture, bondage toys and more.

What are the best adult toys for women?

A vibrator is a woman's best friend, which should be included in every woman's adult toy collection. However, there are a bunch of different options to choose from! Other great adult toys for women include Ben Wa Balls, or kegel balls, anal toys, dildos, clitoral stimulation toys, and much more.

What are the best adult toys for men?

The best adult toys for men include male masturbators, which are designed to make masturbation 100x better by using flesh-like material with fun textures to masturbate with.

Other great adult toys for men are prostate massagers, also known as P-spot anal toys, cock rings and male vibrators. Read our Beginner's Guide To Adult Toys For Men to find out more.

Do I need to use lubricant with adult toys?

Wetter is always better! Lubricant will make your play time with adult toys much more pleasurable, as lube will allow your toy to glide along, and inside, your body. There are many different types of lubricant available, and the lubricant you choose should be compatible with the material your adult toy is made from.

If in doubt, always go for a water-based lubricant. To find out exactly which lubricant suits your adult toy best, read What You Need To Know About Lubricants.

How do you clean adult toys?

Adult toys should be cleaned thoroughly after each use, and ideally before each use, to ensure your adult toy remains clean and safe to use and your body remains healthy! Adult toys can be cleaned using hot, soapy water and anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner.

Read How to clean sex toys for a step-by-step guide based on the material your toy is made from.