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You shared your secret masturbation fantasies with us!

Adulttoymegastore customers share their fantasies

What's your Masturbation Fantasy?

We put out the call and you told us your secret masturbation fantasies... are you game enough to share yours?

Michaela said:

"I'm in a 3way relationship and I love thinking about waiting at home for my bf + gf to get back, I'm waiting on the bed with my bunny tail plug in and all wet and ready to go but not touching myself until they say I can. And then just the two of them losing it at the sight of me and doing anything and everything that they want to me."

S said:

"I often fantasise about sharing my partner with another man. One of us fucking her from behind while the other uses her mouth. Then one of us in her pussy and the other in her ass. There have been many times I have gotten off to that mental image."

May said:

"Mine is watching my parter and one of her friends playing with each other with there tongues and a double ended dildo then turning on me and pegging me while I fuck the other."

Duane said:

"I love to fantasise about my wife watching me masturbate while I sniff some of her sexy lingerie, I imagine that she's perving on me while enjoying her own touch, she knows I love when she squirts all over me so I'm lying there rubbing her moist panty crotch all over my body, while she's flicking her hardening clit til she dribbles sex juice down her leg..."

Adam said:

"Something that really makes me hard and get excited is double Penetration and the thought of it, I'm a gay male and have tried to take two erect cocks in my anus while sucking a third cock, my biggest fantasy is going to the gym for my daily work out while sweaty and wet, going into the changing rooms to shower and three guys forcefully take charge and use me as there fuck toy as they use and abuse my holes. As one guy slides his big cock in my ass the second guy slides in my mouth while I'm distracted and the third guy slides his meat in my hole. So hot. Or another dream is servicing a sports team and taking all of their loads."

Mel said:

"I'm a hard working paralegal who is going to night school to get her law degree, working at a high powered law firm under some of the greatest lawyers this day and age. I have a hopelessly unprofessional crush on the boss.

He's tall, with dark black hair that shines red in the right light. His eyes are pale blue, so light and sharp they're like glacier chips and they don't miss a thing. He is the kind of man who doesn't need to raise his voice, he has a quiet intensity about him that commands others to do his bidding. He's not one for silly games or for bragging, but he's disarmingly witty and has this smile like wow, being on the receiving end of which sends a bolt of white hot lust straight to my core. However I'm stressed, I'm over worked, and my manager keeps passing me over for a promotion and a pay raise because I'm needed where I am. So I quit.

I go on this massive holiday somewhere exotic and for the first time in my life, I relax. So of course I'm surprised when there is a knock on my hotel door at 7am one morning, and my boss is standing there looking... rumpled. Rumpled and annoyed with stubble on his cheek and dark circles under his eyes. He pushes into my hotel room and asks me if I have anything to drink, and I direct him to the bar.

He pours himself a double of whiskey and downs it in one go before he asks me why I quit without talking to him. So I tell him and he tries to convince me to come back, he offers me better hours and better pay, a new title, even an office of my own but I say no, which obviously annoys him, he's not used to hearing that word from anyone. The next week he wont leave me alone, If I'm sunning by the pool, so is he.

If I'm swimming at the beach, suddenly I have a companion, if I want to get a drink at the bar and meet a nice guy, no dice because he'll sit next to me and scare away and man who passes by. Finally I will have had enough and ask him what his problem is and he'll push me up against a wall and kiss me. Well, less a kiss and more a possession. He'll carry me back to my hotel room, throwing me on the bed and tearing off my clothes before I can say anything.

I tell him we shouldn't do this and he laughs, and asks me if I want him to stop. I can't answer because I know if I tell him I want him to leave, I'd be lying. He starts to seduce me, feather light touches, growing harder as his need builds, the intensity of his desire apparent in the rock hard cock he drives between my thighs. He fucks me, hard. With brutal, punishing strokes he stretches me in a way I didn't know was possible.

Arms pinned above my head, he looks me straight in the eye as he takes me, letting me know he owns me. After this the fantasy can go in any direction. He might fuck me in the ocean, while I'm forced to keep a straight face so people on the shore can't tell. Or we go on a nature hike and he ties me to a tree and has his way with me. Or maybe I see how long I can hold my breath in the hot tub as I suck him off. My favorite is probably when we party with some locals and I wind up a little tipsy and he manages to convince me to do anal."

Linda said:

"My husband of 30 plus years and I have been swinging for 10 years plus... we have a stronger, def more connected relationship without jealousy, and absolute trust in each other, both of us understands each other more and our needs, we engage in 'hot as' group sex, in 2's and 4's frequently.

I love watching him pleasure my girlfriend, and know he enjoys watching me get pleasure by her husband. I've never thought of myself as Bi.. but love both my husband and hers watch the both of us together. My confidence keeps growing especially with fab toys! I was too shy to use them when I was younger. Nothing better than knowing we excite them ... Involving them both gets all of us going. Experimenting together is absolute fulfilment ... I love my marriage but love that our marriage also allows us to have partners.. as it's a much better option than 'affairs' Which ruin families/ lives!"

Sophia said:

"I love playing with the sub/dom relationship my partner and I have, so my favourite fantasies revolve around thinking about what next to try out in the bedroom, among other places. I think about dressing down in lingerie, maintaining eye contact and taking my time tying him up in rope with arms behind his back, winding the rope so that his arm muscles bulge through the knots.

I push him on to the bed, watching him try and keep balance to look at me running my fingers over my clit. I think about teasing him without touching him about how much fun I'm having without him, and asking what he would do to me if he could be untied, and begging him to kiss me when my body is just out of reach. Finally I untie him and let him fuck me any way he likes, any place he wants."

Sam said:

"I have had a long time fantasy of while out walking in the forest, coming across a random couple fucking in a place where they think they can't be seen, then the woman sees me and looks me in the eyes while her partner keeps fucking her unaware that I'm watching and stroking myself to the hot scene in front of me. Then she beckons me over after he's finished and makes me fuck her used pussy while her partner just watches. Have masterbated to that mental scene many times!"

Noel said:

"My fantasy would have to be sitting on top of a waterfall looking down into the water watching my partner giving a total stranger one of her infamous blowjobs! Then getting bent over looking up at me while I play with my cock! And she's just screaming with excitement while being fucked hard until we all come together and fill the waterfall with our lust!"

Sarah said:

"I love to close my eyes, get close to orgasming and then imagine I am a Sub to a dark haired Dom and whispers to me that if I cum for him he will reward me with anal training with the anal hook. Sadly not even close to how my current sex life looks but a girl can dream!"

CK said:

"I fantasise about my girlfriend sucking and riding my dick till i'm about to cum. Then bend over and make me cum all over her with a titjob. All this while getting tied up to the bed."

Cas said:

"Though I am straight female, nothing turns me on more than a girl eating put another girl."

Elizabeth said:

"My fantasy starts with being pushed against the wall by a guy with a killer body, he will start to kiss my neck as I grab his hard dick and go down on him, he returns the favor and then fucks me silly, legs above my head, then from behind he pounds me hard - a mate of his comes in and it turns into a dp. They finish all over my face and tits and then get ready for round 2.... that's my fantasy right there."

Leela said:

"My fantasy is to have a gorgeous woman beside me as I wear a strapon, plug, and clamps for her. I suck her tits, I slide her onto the strapon so she can have her way with me."

Gleebabe said:

"My biggest fantasy is my husband catching me having a wee play and then completely dominates me by tying my hands to the head board and uses a spreader bars on my ankles then starts to slowly tickle my clit making me squirm and moan then proceeds to use my dildo going harder and fast making me cum and when he's satisfied uses the bar to lift my legs above my head and fucks me until he cums and collapses onto me breathing heavy and smiling."

B K said:

"My fantasy would be watch my partner's pussy getting teased with the tongue of a very hot lady while I have that lady from behind. Then swap the wet pleasurable warmth of her pussy with the wet pleasurable warmth of my partners mouth so she could feel my hardness & taste the sweetness of another lady's pussy. That would do it for me."

Kim said:

"I fantasize about being on a long road trip with my boyfriend and talking dirty to him while he drives, then touching myself in front of him until he can't take it anymore and has to pull over to get me on top of him. It gets me so wet and wild imagining him wanting me so much he'd let me fuck him while anyone's driving past."

Craig said:

"Maybe my wife getting a friend over. Tying me down so I can't move at all. Even with my considerable strength. They do whatever they want and I can't do a thing except give in. And maybe rub some cream on my wrist burns later. From the ropes that is."

Toby said:

"Having my gf tie me to my bed and get some friends in to have some fun with me ;) j being so sexually vulnerable to gorgeous females with all sorts of intentions always gets me going."

I.I said:

"My fantasy is a man breaking into my house and having his way with me... him tieing me to the bed and torturing me... his mask still on... so I never see his face... all I feel is his breath on my skin... his hands all over my body and his mouth doing toe curling things to me..."

James said:

"I fantasise about a lot tbh from simply eating out my partner to spending a night with a shemale ... even had a fantasy of a threesome with my partner or even watching her with someone else."

DJ said:

"I fantasies about a pegging threesome with my wife and an other woman. Both of us want to have a mff threesome and we both enjoy pegging."

Allon said:

"I really get into mmf and dp/gangbangs would love to try."

Willow said:

"Having dirty sex in the bosses office, bent over his desk. Dont actually have a boss, so just my imagination, but i go back and forth between having someone walk in and masturbate while watching us, or having him join in the fun."

Bilz said:

"It keeps changing, these days beautiful shemales are my fantasy."

Mr Martin said:

"I love the idea of being helplessly bound to a bed while my girlfriend teases me. With arms cuffed, collar on leash, treated like a dog. The amazing idea of being her slave and doing what ever she wants."

Discovery said:

"I have just met an amazing guy and all i can thimk about is his his sexy body. I wanna wear nothing but his tie then tie him up and tease him with my tongue.."

Mr Y said:

"I'm really into thinking about strap on sex with my wife it blows my mind. Makes me hard instantly, the prostate massaging is amazing talk about male orgasm."

Vic said:

"I fantasize about my ex doing me in his army barracks room a lot; he was a real asshole but he had the perfect dick and did me better than anyone; he used to have to force me to be quite so we didn't get caught and the memory still drives me wild! I named my most recent dildo after him 😏"

Damien said:

"I have an amazing girlfriend that's introduced me to bdsm and I love it! I've never met anyone into it before. She dresses up for me in super sexy outfits and says do whatever I want:). I quite like tieing her up....spreader bars, bed restraints, hand cuffs then do unspeakable things when she can't do anything but enjoy it and squirt and cum get the picture! Then allows me to take photos and videos for my pleasure for when she's not there. God it's hot watching them. So now I'm here...spending all my hard earned money lol. Well worth it tho...right ATMS??"

Dan said:

"I'm at home and the nanny arrives to pick Up the kids and finds me jerking off... she then offers to finish with her mouth while she fingers herself under her skirt. I reach down an bury my finger into her smooth wet pussy and end up fucking her and she straddles me and fucks me hard and deep unti we both cum everywhere and she squirts all over my dick."

Kai said:

"Lately I think about fucking this guy I just met - he confessed to me that he's bisexual. I wanna fuck him up the butt then turn around and let him do me, opening him up to the world of kinky queer sex - including toys that I plan to buy here at ATMS! lol"

Sandy said:

"I just have a amazing partner and fantasise about him all the time"

Sev said:

"Met a guy for casual sex in a hotel a couple of years back. We didn't get too wild, but it was a pretty good time. I tend to fantasize about him a lot. Kinda regret not keeping his number."

C said:

"So I get off to this... My hubby and I having a few drinks with another couple we know well, the chat soon turns a little dirty, my bestie and I lick our nipples in front of the guys who quickly convince us to kiss and strip. We are both wet before we even work our way down to each others nipples, and I slowly slip a finger inside her, working my way down till I suck at her clit. She cums hard over my hand and face, and our hubbies move in and fuck us hard from behind and deep till we scream beside each other, and they pull out and cum over our asses.

Natelle said:

"When I masturbate lately well I have been fantasizing about girls getting fucked hard buy a guy and im in the room watching and telling the guy what to do. It's very hot and it makes me go so crazy."

Skarlin said:

"I really like the idea of her sitting on my face. She's a little shy and she'd be delicate at first, more hovering over me than full contact. I'd worship her with my tongue though, and she would get more into it, gradually getting closer and closer to my tongue until she was really riding my face.

Her movements would get wilder, she'd lose her inhibitions and give in to the pleasure, closing her eyes, throwing her head back and gripping the headboard tight. I'd clasp her thighs and move with her, my tongue working overtime as she cums all over my face."

What's your secret masturbation fantasy? Tell us in the comments below!

  • Remember to use a fake name.
Emma Hewitt, Sex Educator & Adult Toy Expert
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Guest, Wellington
6th December 2023
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
Shipped much faster than I was expecting, discreet packaging and wonderful products. I’ve never had any issues with any of the shipping or products from ATMS and will continue to use as my main source of “entertainment”.
Guest, Red Beach
5th December 2023
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
The service is great and the toys are even better!
Guest, Auckland
4th December 2023
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
I found my favorite place to explore and treat myself, affordable and much more. The delivery was amazing and the package was on point and secure which was my favorite part of the order from this store.
Guest, Palmerston North
4th December 2023
rating 5.0
Verified Purchaser
Quick service and great selection of items at awesome prices!
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