Mega Kiwi Sex Survey 2012 – KiwisTalk Fantasies and Experimentation

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Completed by close to 1500 New Zealanders, the Mega Kiwi Sex Survey 2012 is one of the largest domestic investigations into New Zealand bedrooms. With this information we hope to build a detailed picture of New Zealander’s sexual identities, habits, attitudes and behaviours –

Sex and Communication

Communication is the key to a happy sex life, and it looks like New Zealander’s are heeding this advice. A healthy 71.5% of New Zealanders have openly discussed their sexual fantasies with their partner. Gisborne is the most loquacious region with 94.4% of respondents there sharing their intimate thoughts with their partners. Timaru is our most shy region with only 62.5% of respondents doing the same.

Preferred Sexual Positions

So we know Kiwis are talking about sex, but what are they actually doing? It’s a meeting of the minds when it comes to male and female positional preferences. Both men and women responded with doggy style, girl on top and missionary being the top three ranked positions of choice. Invercargill were leading the charge when it comes to doggy-style preference, with a whopping 80% of respondents from the region indicating it as their favourite.
Both sexes also preferred engaging in simultaneous oral pleasure via the sixty-nine position than fellatio or cunnilingus on its own.

Respondents from Timaru are the most athletic with more people from the region enjoying sex with both partners standing up than any other region.

Anal Sex

Respondents to the survey were refreshingly honest about their anal sex experiences and their feelings on the topic.

61% of the 1500 respondents to this survey disclosed that they had tried anal sex. Although only 15% of respondents suggested that it is an activity they do regularly, and 31% considered it a sex position to reserve for ‘special occasions’.

The 35-39 year old age group are having anal sex more often than any other, with 24% saying they have it ‘regularly’.
And Nelson is the most enthusiastic region when it comes to anal sex with 33.3% of respondents engaging regularly.  Palmerston North is the least eager region with only 43% of sexually active adults in the area having tried it.
Of those respondents who had not yet tried anal sex, 53% of men were interested in trying it, compared to only 15% of women.
And anal sex is not correlated with commitment, with almost as many single respondents purporting to do it ‘regularly’ (15%) as those who are ‘in a relationship’ (16%).

Preconceptions about the involvement of sexuality in anal sex prevalence may also be debunked by results from this survey. Only 55% of sexually active, gay male respondents suggested that anal sex was something they did regularly.

For the majority of respondents who had experimented with anal sex, the experience was an enjoyable one, and only 17% determined that it was something they would ‘never do again’.

Sexual Adventurism

–    Swinging is most popular in Invercargill with 14% of respondents from the region revealing they have participated, double the national average.

– The 50 Shades of Grey effect has been felt most in Whangarei with 47.4% partaking in bondage.

–    90% of respondents from Whanganui have watched porn with their partner
–    80% of respondents from Queenstown have embraced their scenic vista and had sex outdoors.
–    56.7% of respondents from Tauranga have engaged in phone sex – more than any other region.
–    91.2% of respondents from Gisborne revealed they had had sex in water.

Sex Toy Use

Using a sex toy is the most common way for New Zealanders to experiment with and explore their sexual boundaries in the bedroom. But given the plethora of sexual enhancement aids available, exactly what products are New Zealanders interested in?

New Zealand’s vibrator use considerably eclipses the global average of 21%*. (*Durex Global Sexual Wellbeing Survey 07/08.) Vibrators are most popular in Hawke’s Bay, with an impressive 91.3% of respondents from Napier having employed their use. Queenstown residents are less responsive to adding vibration to their sex lives, with only 60% suggesting they have used them.

55-59 year olds are the     most passionate about light bondage with 60% of respondents from this age group indicating they had tried handcuffs and 28% saying that they had tried whips/paddles.

Once again, pre-conceived notions about anal sexual exploration may be discredited, with more straight respondents (17.9%) than gay respondents (10.5%) indicating that they had used butt plugs.

And vibrator usage is not a single women’s game either, as may be a common misperception. Their use is actually most common between heterosexual, married couples (75%).


In New Zealand, there is a healthy degree of sexual adventurism. Our high vibrator usage and degree of positional experimentation suggest an explorative and inquisitive approach to sex.

The gender differences in intrigue levels surrounding anal sex are unsurprising. For sexually active males anal sex is perceived as not only the breaking of a perceived taboo, but an indication of trust. It could be assumed that women express greater disinterest due to its insignificance to procreation, although this would require further investigation.

Recommendations for the 2013 investigation will also be to understand how many people, outside of their partner, New Zealanders discuss their sexual nuances with. This will help to understand the rate of conversation about sex in our nation, a variable which our European counterparts have shown correlates with improved practice of safe sex.

5 Comments on Mega Kiwi Sex Survey 2012 – KiwisTalk Fantasies and Experimentation

Leonie said : Guest Report 4 years ago

This was very interesting thanks for conducting this survey :D nice to know this stuff

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Thank you for this amazing article. I also have found out your blog to have a lot more fascinating entries. Thanks again and see ya in next article. Matthias

liv said : administrator Report 5 years ago

Hey there! There were 4 different collection points - some respondents were our site members, but the majority weren't and were members of our non-adult category, media partners. So we've got a great cross-section of New Zealanders in this pool of 1500!

ShakeyIsles said : Guest Report 5 years ago

"Our high vibrator usage" will give people a different view on New Zealand as the Shakey Isles.

sndymrmx said : Guest Report 5 years ago

So, how was this survey conducted? I'm assuming visitors to the site were just asked to complete it. If so, the results are entirely meaningless.

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