Your Guide to Rabbit Vibrators

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Made famous by the mighty Sex and the City, the rabbit vibrator is the most popular women’s sex toy today!

Rabbit vibrators are the sex toy no girl should go without owning! Ideal for women of all ages, rabbit vibrators combine g-spot stimulation with clitoral stimulation, which many women need in order to reach orgasm.

Here is our rabbit rundown…

What is a rabbit vibrator?

A rabbit vibrator is what is called a “dual stimulator” vibrator, as it is designed to stimulate two places at once – the g-spot and clitoris. The name ‘rabbit’ vibrator, originated from the original version, in which the clitoral stimulator was made to look like a rabbit with long ears which would vibrate against the clitoris. Nowadays, rabbit vibrators come in multiple shapes and styles, which more often than not look nothing like a rabbit.

Why should I use a rabbit vibrator?

Majority of women struggle to reach orgasm solely through penetration, so often when going for a classic vibrator they still struggle to get there. With the added stimulation to the clitoris that the rabbit vibrator provides, it increases the likelihood of you reaching orgasm. The best part is, is that with double the stimulation, you also receive double the pleasure and can even have a blended orgasm! A blended orgasm is a combination of clitoral and G-spot pleasure and is more intense as either of those orgasms by themselves!

How do rabbit vibrators work?

Every rabbit vibrator is different in the way they function. Some will have independent motors; some will rotate, thrust or hither, plus there is a whole array of different speeds, powers and vibration patterns available. Usually the controls are straightforward to use and have a wide, variety of features, which makes them so exciting to use!

How do you use a rabbit vibrator?

You might be thinking isn’t this is pretty obvious? Well many people fail to use a rabbit vibrator to the best of its abilities. It’s easy enough to insert and go, but there is actually a lot more you can do to make your whole experience much more pleasurable!

When you first get your vibrator, don’t just jump straight into it, no matter how much you want to! As I said above, there will be a variety of different features and speeds available, so it’s a good idea to check them out before beginning the fun. Learn how to use the controls as you won’t be able to look once it’s between your legs! It’s also a good idea to learn where the off button is just in case you get someone barging through your door unexpectedly!

Use lubricant! Even if you think you are able to produce enough lubricant by yourself, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be using it. Lube adds extra comfort, extra sensations and means you can play for longer! Especially if it’s your first time using a sex toy, any nerves you may have may affect your natural lubricant, making lubricant your saving grace.

Tease yourself! Arousal grows with temptation and the more aroused you are the better your orgasm will feel. Start at a lower vibration setting and start a little away from your hot spots, then gradually move in closer and increase the settings as your arousal grows!

Get your whole body involved! Don’t just lie there lifeless – thrust, wiggle, and switch up your position. Do whatever you need to do to enhance your pleasure.

What are the different types of rabbit vibrators?

Classic rabbit vibrators:

This is the most popular type of rabbit vibrator, and by no means does ‘classic’ mean boring! Usually made from rubber or silicone, the classic rabbit has a variety of speeds and vibration patterns with a solid design that has been designed to contoured to fit the curves of your body for optimum pleasure.


Rotating rabbit vibrators:

If you want to ramp up the stimulation that extra bit more, the rotating rabbit has a moveable mid-section within the shaft that turns at a variety of speeds. A lot of the time, the rotating section will have beads inside that rub against your vaginal walls providing extra stimulation to the surrounding areas of the G-spot.


Thrusting rabbit vibrators:

Finally, you have thrusting or pulsating rabbit vibrators. Some of them vibrate as well as thrust and the great thing about this baby is that it requires zero effort – It does all the thrusting for you! The rhythm of the thrusting also causes a natural stimulation to the clitoris, enhancing sensation. Woohoo!


Clitoral stimulator:

The clitoral stimulator on rabbits can vary in style. The original rabbit shape has two ears that flicker back and forth against the clitoris.  The more modern shape is a solid circular base that vibrates the entire clitoris and the surrounding areas. There is also pointier tipped stimulators (some which resemble a dolphin), which provide more direct stimulation to the clitoris.

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