Easter Edibles: Become the Treat

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For those of you who think chocolate is better than sex, here is how to indulge in both at the same time…

Easter is only a week away and I’m sure you are just as excited as I am about all that chocolate you are going to consume! Easter is the one time of the year where you don’t have to feel bad about stuffing your face full of chocolate, so why not stuff your face inside the bedroom too? There is a whole bunch of chocolate goodies that we sell here at ATMS, which are sure to make your sex even more delicious then it already is!

Check them out below…

Chocolate Body Paint

For all you creative cats out there, chocolate body paint is the perfect way to decorate your partner with delicious desire. Satisfying to apply, even more satisfying to lick off, the naked body is the best canvas one can find. With every curve of the body, you can write, draw or smother it in chocolate and treat yourself to the sweetest feast!




Chocolate Massage Oil

Romance will never be so sweet with chocolate massage oil. Pour it on your lovers skin, massage it in and then lick it off, you’ll both be winners here! You can also lather your bodies in it for some sweet, slippery sex.




Chocolate Body Powder

Something a bit lighter but nonetheless delicious! Chocolate body powder can be sprinkled all over the body and kissed or licked off with ease, leaving the skin silky-soft and delicately scented behind it. This is great for those who still want to experiment with body toppings but are worried about leaving a mess behind.




Chocolate Lubricant

The perfect way to tempt your taste buds and enhance your sensual pleasure both at the same time. Great when swapping between sex and oral, as not only will you have a long lasting glide but you will also get a delicious taste when you go down south!




Chocolate Sexy Snacks

Whether it’s before sex, after sex or just as a tasty treat, we have chocolate in the shape of all your favourite body parts! Not only do they taste delicious but they look delicious, you’ll be munching away with pure satisfaction.




Chocolate Sex Toys

Say au revoir to the eggs this year and say hello to Clone-A-Willy/Pussy! Mold your willy/pussy into a 3D solid chocolate delicious treat and give it to your lover this Easter! It will look just like the real thing but taste so much sweeter.. well that’s up to you to decide 😉

We also have the chocolate decadence game, which has 36 sensual foreplay ideas to help assists you on your chocolate adventures!




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