Beginners Guide to Couples Toys

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If you’re beginning to find your sex life is getting a little dull, why not introduce a sex toy to the mix to create some extra spice and undeniable pleasure…

People often think that sex toys are designed to be used alone but in this day and age it is rapidly shifting just as equally towards couples play! Sex toys add a new dimension to what can become a routine. As much as we don’t like to admit it, when in a long-term relationship sex can begin to lose its excitement and may even start to become a bit of a chore.

Introducing a sex toy to the bedroom could be the answer you have been searching for! When using a couples toy it encourages open communication and trust as you will need to work together to find what feels best for yourself and for your partner. Sex toys also provide couples with better foreplay and more intense simultaneous orgasms – which can often be difficult to achieve!

So jump on board the couples band wagon, don’t be shy, and check out ATMS beginners guide to couple’s toys….

Cock Rings

A cock ring is used to make an erect penis harder, stronger and to keep it that way for a longer amount of time. It does this by allowing blood to flow into his soft penis but keeps the blood in the penis for longer by preventing blood from flowing out of the penis once hard. Cock rings won’t help you to get hard but they will help you to stay hard. They are also designed to help delay ejaculation and for some it can even heighten the sensations received when orgasming. Delaying ejaculation increases the likelihood that both of you will orgasm!

Cock rings are made using either a stretchy material such as silicone, or a more rigid one, such as metal. The easiest ones to put on are more flexible as they are able to be put on even when the penis is erect. Cock rings are the easiest to put on when you have applied plenty of lubricant as it creates comfort and ease.

Vibrating cock rings have long been a favourite type of cock ring amongst couples as they’re basically a hands-free vibrator for you to use during sex. Vibrating cock rings are designed to vibrate against her clitoris while sending vibrations down the shaft of his penis to create extra stimulation for both parties.

Restraint Wear

Restraint wear on its own can be incredibly satisfying to use during sex, with it getting more and more popular amongst couples. Whether you would prefer to play it safe with wrist and ankle cuffs or play a bit more dangerously with body harnesses and ropes we promise you, you will be surprisingly satisfied. One of the main reasons couples engage in restraint wear is that it heightens your sensations. When one sense is restricted, everything is magnified. A restraint typically stops you from touching something you shouldn’t which intensifies your desire to touch it even more creating excitement and anticipation. Couples often also incorporate a little sensation play, spanking or a blindfold to really take advantage of the increased sensitivity.

For beginners we recommend going for either wrist or ankle cuffs or both! Submitting to a partner will be extremely exciting for both of you. Having no control over what’s to come, leads to feelings of anticipation that inspires intense physical responses within the body.

Couples Vibrators

Long gone are the days where only women were able to enjoy vibrators! Vibrators during sex are amazing and once you try it once I promise there is no going back! There are many variations of couple’s vibrators available whether it is a vibrating cock ring, couple’s massager, bullet vibrator or a dual vibrator. Many couple’s vibrators can be used between your bodies in just about any face to face position. They are generally designed to be positioned between her outer labia and over the clitoris. In this location, the women will feel the vibrator directly on her clitoris, and the man will feel it indirectly but still feel the amazing vibrations up his shaft and around his balls.

When not in face-to-face positions the man can hold the vibrator against her clitoris while he thrusts from behind or he can lay still and use it solely just on her. These techniques may be of use to couples where the women finds it difficult to orgasm during sex.

Oral Enhancers

Oral sex is hugely pleasurable for both men and women so its fundamental that you are doing it right! Both parties rank oral sex highly when it comes to what they enjoy most in the bedroom and no wonder! Not only is oral sex great foreplay but it’s also one of the most intimate and mind blowing sexual acts you and your partner can enjoy.

For women the gag-reflex can be a huge issue when giving a blow job. Luckily there are throat numbing sprays available that numb your throat to remove any unwanted discomfort, that are also available in a variety of delicious flavours! If you aren’t interested in the numbing effects but are wanting some extra flavour down there, there is also many flavoured gels available for both men and women that even sometimes come with a tingling effect for extra sensations. Tongue vibrators are a huge favourite as they add a tingling twist to oral sex, just pop it on the end of your tongue and go about your business as usual and they’ll blown away with amazing sensations!

Position Enhancers

Position Enhancers help aid you to new sex positions that you would have difficulty reaching on your own. Available in all different sizes, shapes and prices, position enhancers are designed to help you gain extra flexibility, achieve deep penetration and find new sex positions that you never knew existed!

Position straps are great for those with joint problems or limited flexibility as they sit comfortable around the hips or waist, allowing your partner to aid you with the movement. Or if you struggle to open your legs wide enough for deep penetration or struggle to keep them suspended in certain positions, a position pillow could be the answer. A position pillow gives you the support to the buttocks, thighs, legs, back or stomach so you can enjoy the positions you desire!

The sex toys listed above are solely designed for couples use. Don’t forget though that there is still a huge range of other sex toys out there that you and your partner can use together. Whether it is a rabbit vibrator, dildo or anal toy you and your partner will still get just as much satisfaction out of pleasing each other alone, that you won’t even be thinking about yourself!


What is your favourite couples sex toy to use with your partner? Let us know in the comments below..

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