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Check out selection of most popular articles pulled from our very own Sealed Section. Keen to see more? Head over to the Sealed Section if you like what you see.
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3 May. 958 Views.

Believe it or not, this amazing commemorative month has actually been around since 1995 and although you may not get a day off that doesn’t mean that you can’t get off!

13 April. 1112 Views.

Made famous by the mighty Sex and the City, the rabbit vibrator is the most popular women's sex toy today!

Easter Hours
13 April. 258 Views.

Our office & warehouse will be closed for Easter! Check out the dets here...

7 April. 397 Views.

For those of you who think chocolate is better than sex, here is how to indulge in both at the same time…

31 March. 1270 Views.

Find yourself having trouble orgasming solely through penetrative sex? If so, we might just have the answer for you…

23 March. 1944 Views.

Wanting to train your trunk to fit his junk? Check out our Anal Training Guide for all you need to know about introducing yourself to anal play…

6 March. 985 Views.

International Women's Day is on the 8th of March and what better way to celebrate, then with our top 6 female sex toys!

23 February. 1538 Views.

For some anal douching is a necessity before anal play, but for many others it's a complete mystery. Check out our beginner's guide to anal douching for all you need to know about getting squeaky clean…  

17 February. 854 Views.

This time round it wasn't all just sex and foreplay. Here is a guide to all of Christian Grey's favourite sex toys..

15 February. 277 Views.

The second movie of the Fifty Shades Trilogy is finally here and this time there are no rules, no punishments and no more secrets...

For Sealed Section
7 February. 543 Views.

The sexiest day of the year is almost here! Make sure you don't disappoint and get all your Valentine's pressies delivered before Feb 14th.

27 January. 499 Views.

What is your Valentine's Day Fantasy? Let us know and you could be in to win!

12 January. 959 Views.

What better way to wipe away the January Blues then trying out something new and exciting in the bedroom...

21 December. 571 Views.

Travel with sex toys these holiday's to make this the 'hottest' summer yet!

6 December. 666 Views.

It's that time of year again.Make sure you get your gifts before the big day by ordering before these cut off times...

2 December. 598 Views.

Pick a Secret Santa gift that promises a few giggles and a lot of fun at this years Christmas party...

17 November. 742 Views.

When it comes to sex toys, hygiene is crucial. Cleaning your toy not only has a positive impact on the toy but also your body! Here are our 6 tips for squeaky clean toys….

28 October. 1447 Views.

If you're the lucky owner of a clitoris, or looking to treat someone who is - read on! I kindly volunteered to trial and compare the Womanizer and the Shegasm, and present below my findings. You are ever so welcome.

25 October. 377 Views.

If it's thrills rather than chills that you are after, check out a few of our amazing hair raising treats we have in store for you this Halloween...

4 October. 564 Views.

Tune in on our Facebook page at 8pm NZST tonight and learn all about bondage toys for naughty girls and boys...

29 September. 699 Views.

Buying lingerie online can be tough, especially with so much choice, but with these 5 tips you'll find your perfect piece in no time…

22 September. 531 Views.

Does size really matter? If it does, then tune in on Facebook at 8pm NZST tonight and find out all about how you can increase your size...

20 September. 888 Views.

Fantasies... let’s be real everyone has them! So why not shout it from the roof tops and let us know yours, and you could be in to win!

19 September. 424 Views.

Whether it’s to silence screams, tone down the talk or add some power to your play, gags are the way to go!

14 September. 356 Views.

So many lubes, so little time! Join us on FB at 8pm NZST tonight for the downlow on what's best when it comes to getting wet... (splash emoji)...

6 September. 731 Views.

Tonight's live stream is all about anal! So join us at 7.30pm NZST on Facebook and dive on in to the magical world of anal play...

1 September. 772 Views.

Are you an experienced sex toy user ready to take it to the next level? Are you ready to conquer them all? Check out our 5 tips for purchasing giant sex toys….

31 August. 409 Views.

Take a sneak peek at the toys we will be discussing on tonights FB Live stream. See you at 8.30pm NZST.

18 August. 1182 Views.

Get ready to give your man the time of his life with ATMS hot 12 tips for oral sex...

8 August. 1081 Views.

The clit and the G spot are two areas of the female body that are used for sexual stimulation. While they can both lead to an orgasm.. they are two completely separate entities.

28 July. 717 Views.

Stimulate and heighten your sexual desire and intensify your orgasms with ATMS favourite arousal gels..

20 July. 976 Views.

Have a read and help your lover open their arms, and hopefully their legs, to the fabulous world of sex toys...

15 July. 2413 Views.

Want to be kick-ass at kissing-ass? Check out our 6 top tips for performing the perfect rim job…

22 June. 1061 Views.

Have you ever been exposed, in a questionable pose, leaving your face as bright as a rose?

9 June. 1327 Views.

Sick of scrabble, tired of twister and bored of boggle? Get ready to delve into ATMS favourite adult games which bring a whole new meaning to games night...

25 May. 1270 Views.

Buzz vs Rumble. The most important thing to consider when you purchase a vibe, because not all vibrators are made equal. Here's the difference...

NZ update big image
19 May. 1505 Views.

Is the size of your penis affecting your sex life? Forget surgeries and useless pills, DanaMedic enlargers are your one-way ticket to a guaranteedly larger penis….

6 May. 2557 Views.

Tease and please your clit with ease with our top toys for amazing clitoral orgasms. It's Masturbation Month after all...

13 April. 567 Views.

Keep the thrill alive with this multi-purpose vibe, designed to get you off anyway you like. This is the G-Vibe 2.

11 April. 2292 Views.

Who said vibrators were only for women? Here are six styles of vibrating toys for the boys that promise to get you off...

8 April. 1223 Views.

What is your number one beat to get it on to? Let us know and be in to win...

23 March. 1556 Views.

Cosmopolitan rated this hands-free couples vibe #3 in their top toys for mind blowing orgasms and we see can why...

9 March. 3261 Views.

If you’re beginning to find your sex life is getting a little dull, why not introduce a sex toy to the mix to create some extra spice and undeniable pleasure...

4 March. 1266 Views.

Looking to get things a little steamy? Well look no further! Here is ATMS 5 Tips to guide you to having the amazing shower sex you have only dreamed of..

25 February. 868 Views.

Don't know your silicone from your rubber? This material guide has all you need to know about exactly what's in your sex toy...

5 February. 964 Views.

Don't forget that guys like toys too... Spoil your man this Valentine's Day with a present from the ATMS gift guide...

3 February. 888 Views.

Love stuck for ideas this Valentine's Day? No matter your budget, ATMS has you covered...

18 January. 1103 Views.

Sex is just as important as any other aspect of your life so make a resolution that you will actually keep this year...

15 January. 577 Views.

Our pals over at JimmyJane have created this handy infographic for ladies that self-love!

7 January. 1402 Views.

Get into character and explore some roleplay with these 7 seriously sexy scenarios...

5 January. 1572 Views.

What's your sex resolution for 2016? Let us know and be in to win...

18 December. 777 Views.

Christmas is coming and she will be too with these amazing last minute gifts.

18 November. 1938 Views.

Need to reboot your sex life? Here are 5 simple ways to add a little spice...

5 November. 2917 Views.

Looking for a sex machine? Here's what to consider before making an investment...

22 October. 3513 Views.

Want a stronger erection for longer? Heres how to slip on a cock ring and let the good times roll...

12 October. 3998 Views.

New to pegging? Here are the ATMS picks for the top five positions to ease you into it...

2 October. 886 Views.

Throw a hens night to remember with these naughty and nice must have accessories...

25 September. 1235 Views.

Stop bagging on condoms once and for all with these handy hints. Wrap it before you tap it...

17 September. 2459 Views.

If you were stuck on a desert island with only one sex toy what would it be?

3 September. 1675 Views.

Not your usual orgasm inducing sex toy, these bad boys will improve your sex life for the rest of your life.

24 August. 1647 Views.

Not sure what to look for when considering a prostate massager? Here are 6 tips to make your selection a breeze...

14 August. 1518 Views.

Sick of ice cubes and looking for another way to explore temperature play? Try out one of these amazing toys...

31 July. 2003 Views.

Got a line that works every time? Let us know and go in the draw to win an arousal gift pack...

31 July. 1889 Views.

Looking for a toy to stimulate your g-spot but not sure where to start? Here at the ATMS beginner top picks...

7 July. 5180 Views.

Looking for intense suction and a plush, pumped up appearance? Then a pussy pump may be just the unique toy that you are looking for...

29 June. 2496 Views.

If your a lover of booty play that will fill you up and stretch you out, then boy do we have some big butt toys for you.

17 June. 2523 Views.

Blur the lines between fantasy & reality with the My Girl Love Doll range. With a little love and care you can easily keep your Doll in tip top condition.

3 June. 1777 Views.

Rock down to orgasm avenue with these helpful tips for keeping the love alive with your vibe.

22 May. 2987 Views.

No need to be embarrassed about a little self love ladies. It's Masturbation Month and I'm jumping on the jerk off bandwagon...Who's with me?

14 May. 1113 Views.

The Wellington Courier Post depot is back open and delivery is back up and running.

5 May. 3518 Views.

Whether you have already discovered your go to character or are still in the day dreaming stage, everybody has a role play fantasy in mind.

1 May. 2290 Views.

Lube samples are a common giveaway on ATMS so lets uncover whats they are for and how you can use them effectively.

28 April. 6280 Views.

Here are 7 positions that will will help you bend over your lover here, there and everywhere. From beginner to advanced there is a position for you.

23 April. 659 Views.

There will be no Saturday delivery this Saturday 25.04.15 due to Anzac Day. This service will resume again next week.

10 April. 2035 Views.

Wanting to walk the line between pain and pleasure? Nipple clamps may just be the answer!

25 March. 1209 Views.

Most of us have come down with a very sudden, but debilitating, pre-coital headache. But as it turns out, feeling off is even more reason to get it off.

13 March. 2099 Views.

Love life need a boost? Might be time to invest in your very own lovemaking apparatus and get into position for pleasure...

27 February. 2535 Views.

Luckily for men it’s not just the ladies that are able to have masturbatory fun any longer. There are masses of toys just for boys and their favourite toy: their penis.

19 February. 1582 Views.

Think you know all there is to know about condom use and safety? Check out the Adult Toy Mega Store Condom Guide and find out...

13 February. 1336 Views.

It’s finally here! The most anticipated film of the year Fifty Shades of Grey is released in cinemas today and by the sounds of the chatter on social media, it is going to be a box office hit.

9 February. 985 Views.

Left your Valentine's Day gifts to the last minute again? Don't worry lads, ATMS has got you covered...

5 February. 807 Views.

Enter in the draw to win a bondage gift pack valued at $250 including two tickets to a screening of the much anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey film...

4 February. 810 Views.

Valentine's Day is all about the love; love for your partner and of course lovemaking. So ladies, pamper your man and give him some loving this Valentine's.

27 January. 944 Views.

Forget dinner and a movie (unless it's Fifty Shades of Grey of course), this years Valentines Day is all about dessert.

20 January. 2029 Views.

You may not know all the ins and outs of Fifty Shades of Grey, but you know there are a lot of ins and outs. You don't have to be a fan to try out a little BDSM ala Christian and Ana...

12 January. 2579 Views.

Forget about those horrible anal examinations at the doctors, just relax, steady your breathing and experience the best orgasm of your life...

8 January. 1119 Views.

Summer is here so why not take your love making to the great outdoors and enjoy a bit of alfresco loving. Here is the ATMS guide to getting down and dirty outdoors.

3 January. 1722 Views.

Wondering about the appeal of wearing a chastity belt and putting the key in someone else’s hands. ATMS gets to the bottom of the latest BDSM trend.

22 December. 780 Views.

Christmas is all about decedence and pleasure so make sure you enjoy a bit of that in the bedroom too.

16 December. 2152 Views.

Here at ATMS we don't encourage you to use pornography as sex-ed but with careful selection there are a few techniques that you can take into your own bedrooms...

11 December. 884 Views.

Christmas & New Year Delivery Dates:  Order before 3pm, Mon 22 Dec for XMAS Delivery!  Read more here:

8 December. 1881 Views.

With its recent ban in the UK porn industry, ATMS wants to remove the taboo surrounding the female ejaculation and give you a few tips to keep the ladies in your life squirting...

5 December. 1719 Views.

It's Christmas, so what is your Sexy Christmas Wish this year? Want to sneak under mistletoe with your work collegue?

1 December. 2215 Views.

No butts about it, anal play is still a fairly taboo subject for many ladies but with the right toys it can be a totally orgasmic experience.

24 November. 2412 Views.

Feeling a litte bit underwhelmed by the size of your cock? Here are a variety of methods to enhance your member and feel more confident getting down and dirty.

20 November. 1950 Views.

Just in time for those hot nights of loving you have planned over the Christmas break, we’ve put together the top 10 must-know secrets for guys to keep their girls satisfied.

18 November. 1774 Views.

Although Electrosex may sound a little scary, when used correctly, males, females and couples can experience far more pleasure then pain.

10 November. 824 Views.

Been tasked with planning the future brides final send-off but stuck for ideas on what to do to make it a fabulous hens party for everyone?

6 November. 1685 Views.

The We-Vibe 4 Plus is the latest version of the world’s number one couple’s vibrator, so what makes it different to the rest?

4 November. 2223 Views.

Not only are these little beauties one of the most discrete and powerful sex toys on the market, they are also one of the most versatile.

31 October. 2237 Views.

You do hear about it.. all these people with Fuck Friends, Fuck Buddies or FWB’s… but does it actually work?

28 October. 7690 Views.

One of the more daring play tools on the market, don't be afraid to give them a whirl, you just might like it.

20 October. 1197 Views.

Don’t let the spookiest holiday of the year be ruined by screaming kids and drunken teenagers dressed as monsters.

9 October. 1791 Views.

Lots of people know, understand and love a ladies G-spot, but many have not yet discovered the mens equivalent - his P-spot.

25 September. 4158 Views.

A light hand slap during the heat of the moment? cuffs and ankle restraints? paddles and whips? electrosex & hot wax? cock & ball crusher?.....

18 September. 1590 Views.

This is a question many guys have on their mind. It's one of those questions they think, but often don't ask.....They say life is about the journey, not the destination.

11 September. 1951 Views.

What lubricant should I use for Anal Sex? Which ones are best? What should I be looking for?

1 September. 2811 Views.

You know your best friend & her partner do it, you see it on all the great movies, and chances are you have indulged a little yourself. 

20 August. 4475 Views.

So it’s the first date. Restaurant, movie, a few drinks… Then its decision time…Is it okay to go back to his? Is it okay to sleep with him?

Mens Shaving
15 August. 1427 Views.

Manscaping. It’s a cutesy name. But is the actual procedure as warm and... dare I say it... fuzzy as it sounds?

tumblr_mhkm74XXVE1ryzyi3o1_1280 (2)
1 August. 4125 Views.

Here at ATMS HQ it has come to our attention that men aren't paying enough attention to one thing during sex...... BREASTS.

How many sexual partners have you had?
18 July. 7858 Views.

Does the number really matter? How many is too many? Do you share your number with a new partner? Do you look for experience or is fewer better?

16 July. 23078 Views.

For some it makes their eyes water just thinking about it, for others it is the ultimate in satisfaction.

Sexual Personal Lubricant
17 June. 2476 Views.

It doesn’t buzz, pulse, whir or wiggle, but personal lubricant is, without question, the first sexual enhancer that we would recommend to any couple or single.

6 June. 5959 Views.

Love being on top or prefer being side by side? Love a little rear entry or straddled over a chair? Exploring anal sex or is oral sex more your thing?

Woman having orgasm
30 April. 15335 Views.

While some women can achieve orgasm through penetrative sex, for most, clitoral stimulation can be the easiest way of bringing about a seriously satisfying orgasm.

17 April. 8087 Views.

Everyday kiwi women are giving their men the most intense orgasm ever ... are you?

7 April. 15915 Views.

Get turned on by having your toes nibbled? Enjoy accents? A certain scent or item of clothing? Biting, flirting, older silver foxes, or facial hair?

RO-120mm Pleasure Me Panther
Cocktail Shaker
Smart wand By Lelo - Large
Crystal Jellies - Anal Plug
Heart Shaped Nickle Polished Padlock
Lelo INA
Icicles No 8
Ouch! Silky Ribbon Red
Lovers Premium - O-Balls Set Black
black lace splicing maxi evening dress