ATMS HQ: Survey Winners

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Morning guys!

Thanks so much for taking our recent Big ATMS survey. We are taking all your feedback on board and making some awesome changes to our site.

The winners of our Prezzy Cards were:

Sophie, Lesli & Paul!

Congratulations to our winners and thanks again everyone :)


What is Bathroom Use Control?

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What is Bathroom Use Control?

Involved in a BDSM context, Bathroom Use Control refers to situations where the dominant restricts or takes control over the submissive’s bodily functions through the use of techniques such as catheterization, enemas, diapers, rubber pants and possibly golden showers. This type of play is generally considered an extreme style of play and is commonly used in scenes such as puppy training play and age play.

What is the Slimmest Condom on the Market?

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What is the slimmest condom on the market?

The Glyde Slim fit condom is the slimmest condom on the NZ market and the smallest that we stock at ATMS. This condom is the smallest FDA approve condom to provide a snugger fit for reliable comfort and performance. Sized at 49mm in nominal width, it remains extra thin, silky and strong. Like the rest of the Glyde condom range this product is vegan and made with sustainably harvested natural latex rubber.