What is the Best Type of Lubricant for Anal Sex?

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What is the best type of lubricant for anal sex?

As the anus is not self-lubricating it is important to use a lubricant that is thick and long lasting for anal sex. A silicone lubricant is a great option for anal play as it will make entry easier, last longer than water based so you will not need to reapply and is safe for use with condoms. There are silicone anal lubes available that are designed specifically for anal play that are thicker than regular lube and offer even longer lasting slide. There are also desensitising options available that will have a light numbing effect on the anus making entry easier by relaxing the muscles. This is not recommended for beginners as it is important to feel any discomfort to avoid damaging the area.

Why Should I use a Cock Ring?

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Why Should I Use a Cock Ring?

The primary purpose of a cock ring is to maintain a stronger, firmer erection for longer. Cock rings work by constricting the flow of blood from the penis resulting in a longer lasting erection. There are also vibrating options available that turn this into an awesome couple’s toy. Vibrating options are generally designed with a micro stimulator that rests and vibrates against the clitoris.

What is a hybrid lubricant?

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What is a Hybrid Lubricant?

Hybrid lubricants typically consist primarily of water based lubricant with a little bit of silicone lube added to create a unique texture that feels amazing for both men and women. Enjoy the smooth feel and long lasting properties of silicone lubricant and the easy to clean and water soluble properties of water based all in one. These hybrid lubes are suitable for vaginal, anal and oral sex and safe for use with condoms. Just remember to be wary of using with silicone toys. In most cases there will be too little silicone lube to have a molecular reaction but it may pay to test a small part of the toy beforehand.