Ohh, look what has just arrived….

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Wow, exciting day today here at ATMS HQ – we opened boxes… lots and lots of boxes, filled with fabulous lingerie.  It’s Laura’s job (our Logistics Expert ) to check inwards goods – count them, sort them and then ensure they are in tip top condition to go into our Warehouse.

It is a massive job, especially if they are brand new lines – ensuring that each item is up on the website ready for sale. These babydolls, nightwear and bodystockings start from only $9.95 – so super affordable and great quality.

hmmm… might just be a few staff sales this week! LOL

Manscaping – Why you should do it.

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Mens Shaving

Manscaping. It’s a cutesy name. But is the actual procedure as warm and… dare I say it… fuzzy as it sounds?

Manscaping is the act of removing or trimming the body hair, but more specifically, the pubic hair on and around the male genitals. And actually, it’s not traumatic at all.

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Want a Peek Inside?

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I know that I am really nosey, so I can only imagine that others are too!  When I’m out at functions meeting new people, conversation always takes a turn to the obvious work questions…. “So Liv,,,, where do you work?”. When I explain that I am the customer service star for Adult Toy Mega Store based in Wellington – many people want to know more…..  “Wow, whats that like?” “What product do you sell?” “What sells the most?” “What is your warehouse like?”

So I thought I would start this sections off with a few answers.

The first being… our warehouse… here it is!!



Huge Dildos…..Uncovered

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For some it makes their eyes water just thinking about it, for others it is the ultimate in satisfaction.

We are talking about large dildos – very large dildos. These dongs are over 10 inches in length and girth as large as 20. So why do woman love it? Read More

Lubricant – The Must Have Sex Toy

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Sexual Personal Lubricant

It doesn’t buzz, pulse, whir or wiggle, but personal lubricant is, without question, the first sexual enhancer that we would recommend to any couple or single.

The path to orgasm, be it solo or partnered, is an active one. This rubs against that, that goes in and out of this, all of which create a disruptive and uncomfortable level of friction. You would surely prefer to have longer-lasting, slicker, smoother, more pleasurable sex right? Enter lube. Read More